Beginner Aisle

Beginner Aisle

Start here if you don’t know what you are looking for.
You can’t go wrong. Everything is guaranteed, and we answer email questions.

To save you time, and make things less complex we’ve created a sub-page focused on Virgin Coconut Oil for beginners. Click here.

Use the drop down menu by the “Add to Cart” button for each product to see what other sizes / prices are available. For example, there are 380ml glass jars, and in the same brand, 1000ml, and 2 litres (2 x 1000ml glass jars).

Click on the product photo for the product page where you can read more information.

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This range is all pure, non-hydrogenated, virgin, unrefined, organic coconut oil

All of the oil in this range is cold pressed (or cold fermented). If you have heard of expressions like Centrifuged, Expeller Processed, etc this is the type of oil you’re seeing here. Our revolutionary Ancient Wisdom Organic Extra Virgin Raw Coconut Oil is fermented at ambient temperature.

Choosing between the oils is easy following this decision making guide

Many people wonder how to choose between the oils in our shop. If you haven’t read the instructions in the “Which Oil?” two page mini-course, that might help you. But even before you read that, let’s look at these simple considerations.

  1. Are you open to the taste and benefits of fermented oil?
  2. Do you hate a strong coconut oil taste and smell?
  3. Do you have a particular brand you’ve been introduced to, and where can you find it or something similar here?

For some of you, just seeing those questions will help you clarify what you want. For others, it may have made you feel even more confused than before!

Sometimes it just helps to have someone to ask! We’re here in New Zealand. We sleep under the same sky as you!

Hear what one of our customers has to say about assistance from us.

“[I] have been impressed once again with your exceptional service and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend to family and friends”

Lorraine from DunedinLorraine Macmillan, Dunedin

Why guidance is helpful when buying coconut oil for the first time

In recent market research we discovered that not all “cold pressed” oil is created equal. We were surprised to see the following words being used to describe “cold pressed” coconut oil, by a NZ supplier.

Here are the words that we were surprised to see written about “cold pressed” oil.

“No petrochemicals or solvents are used in the process and the oil is not heated above 180°C. This product is suitable for high-heat baking, cooking and deep frying. Use in dressings and mayonnaise or as butter substitute.”

These are the words used to describe Ceres’ purple label organic cold pressed oil. We do not supply that oil for two reasons.

Here is why we won’t sell some “Cold Pressed” Organic coconut oil

  1. The oil described above, which is “cold pressed” is not fully cold processed! It is heated no more than 180 degrees! That is very hot. There is only one reason to use such heat. It is not the first press of the oil.
  2. Not Virgin! The oil described is not first press oil. It is processed using steam, pressure and mechanical means, after the first press has been harvested.

None of the oil we sell is hydrogenated

Hydrogenation is not “ge nation” surrounded by “ge water”. It is word used to described a process that alters the oil while it is being extracted. Hydrogenation is not required for quality virgin (extra virgin) oil extracted from unused coconut flesh.

None of the oil we sell uses any chemicals for extraction. There is no RBD oil here.

RBD is short for Refined, bleached and deodorised. None of these processes retain the food structure of organic, unrefined, cold pressed (fully cold processed) oil. So we won’t have them in our shop range.

You can buy here with confidence. We won’t wrap up “second press” oil as “Cold Pressed”.

The absence of the word “virgin”, when describing coconut oil is very important. The word “Virgin”, or Extra Virgin,  describes the fact that the oil was part of the flesh, now is extracted, and remaining part is not what you are getting.

Extra Virgin means the same thing. Unlike olive oil, there is not difference between extra virgin and virgin. But Ancient Wisdom uses the term to promote the fact that it is a fermented oil.

Join the other newbies!

If you’re new to Coconut Oil, or you’re looking to change brands, you’re in good company. We hear or read these words from new customers all the time:

“I was just searching the net one day, looking for coconut oil to buy, when I came across your shop.”

Bronwyn Grayling Coconut Oil enthusiast!Bronwyn Grayling, Mt Maunganui

We spend a lot of time helping folks with their first purchases. Of course, in the big picture, only a few of orders require some questions to be answered, but we take pains to answer each one. That way we get a feel for the pulse of the market. That is why we’re focused on packaging with glass jars and wide mouths, wherever possible.

No more plastic jars

We have discontinued the plastic jars. Plastic is now reserved only for bulk 4 litre, 5 litre and 10 litre value pails

You can rest assured, we have listened, and our suppliers have listened to us, and we’re moving into a “glass packaging where possible” era. All of the bottles come with reusable screw on lids, and can be reused for children’s music making, odd nuts and bolts or whatever you require. Of course glass does break, and so we have to be extra careful with our packaging when posting glass jars.

We love reusable glass jars. We’re so committed to retailing in sustainable packaging where possible, we’ve arranged for the introduction of a new brand of coconut oil, which is only retailed in reusable glass jars. Ancient Wisdom Coconut Oil only comes in glass jars, including a unique reusable 2 litre glass jar.

What standard of oil is sold in the introductory range?

We like to start people off with the best quality, pure, fermented or unfermented coconut oil. We think, for cooking, baking and eating, as well as spreading on the skin or pre-conditioning your hair, you should be using organic, pure, virgin unrefined coconut oil.

Virgin, unrefined coconut oil

Use virgin coconut oil for eating, oil pulling, cooking and baking as well as skin and hair care

Most people are now looking for unrefined oil

Because most people are looking for pure, unrefined oil, these are the hallmarks of quality in our oil offerings:

  • Pure
  • Non hydrogenated
  • Unrefined
  • Virgin (either cold pressed or centrifuged or air temperature fermented) sometimes referred to as extra virgin as well
  • Organic (all our oil is organic, even if labelling is not showing certification)
  • Raw heated no higher than 55% maximum for any of the oils

We believe the problem with starting new comers to coconut oil off with a refined product is that all the refined products we’ve seen have less Lauric Acid content than any oil we sell. We know that any stable, non hydrogenated oil will be good for a person’s health compared with oils that become unstable when heated, but our thinking, and our product offerings here at the shop revolve around this one thing. “What is best?” Not what is good, or potentially better.

Dr Newport recommends Virgin, unrefined coconut oil

Steve consumes virgin, unrefined coconut oil several times a day to maintain his personality!

Steve and Dr Mary Newport | Steve consumes virgin, unrefined coconut oil several times a day to maintain his personality! (Photo used with permission.)

Many people have been introduced to Coconut Oil and MCTs through Dr Mary Newport’s story

Why no refined oil products?

Not all refined coconut oil is refined with chemicals. So that makes some refined products better than others. But even if it is refined without chemicals, we think the oil can’t have been pure, virgin oil in the first place, otherwise it wouldn’t have needed refining.

Our market research shows us that refined oil always has less Lauric Acid  – the most important essential fatty acid in coconut oil, than  any of the oils we have in our range.

Now you’ve been given an assurance of the quality of products we’re offering, now would be a good time to dive into the product offerings above from the introductory range. But just before you do, just below we’ve written out what one person had to say about us.

Here is an email from a satisfied customer.

Looking forward to my next delivery.

“Thanks again for your speedy response, very impressed with the level of customer care you guys provide.

Looking forward to my next delivery.
Have a good day,

Cameron McPhail, Dunedin

We go out of our way to make buying from us as simple as possible

If you have any questions, take a look around the site, and feel free to contact us. Many times an enquiry from a customer has launched us into action. For example, last week we decided it was time to start selling coconut chips. We had an enquiry, and so we set to work. It’s free to ask, and you’ll get a reply!

If you’ve been to this page before you may notice some changes.  There are two new brands mentioned above.

We’ve introduced yet another top quality brand of pure, virgin, organic coconut oil. It will come from South India, from the State of Kerala – the Land of Coconuts. The Coconut Oil Shop is the place to find oil in a variety of sizes, brands, and styles of oil extraction so you don’t have to run out. But we do run out of certain items from time to time.