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Welcome to the Coconut Sugar Offers Aisle – Aisle 8 – Email only and password protected

Who goes here?

Only those who subscribe to our email list can order from the linked pages in this “secret seven” style page. Click on the product name or photo below for prices and more information.

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Each email only offer here is password protected so here are the instructions for that

Click on the photo above, and use the password supplied in the Friday Postie email from the Coconut Oil Shop to gain access to the discounts. When the page appears you’ll see a box over the top asking for a password. Just put the password in, and you’ll gain access to the discounted product in the usual way.

We know this is a barrier for you. So let us tell you why we’ve happy to create this barrier to gain access to discounts and special offers.

Our shop exists to help those serious about coconut oil consumption, and this includes information about it, and products with coconut oil built into them, like coconut sugar. We work best with those who take time to keep informed by receiving and reading our emails. We’re here to serve our loyal email readers first. Others (including those who follow us on Facebook only, get standard prices!

Open your Friday Postie Email. (One week 79% of the receivers did!)

Go ahead, open your Friday Postie email and find the password. It will be on every email from now on, that is how you can get access to products not on sale else where, and discounts too.

Why Coconut Sugar?

To put it briefly, Coconut Sugar has a low GI factor. When you consume it, it won’t give you a rush of sugar through your body like ordinary sugar does.

Click on this link to see some of the details. Click here for a Dr Oz video. (Very American!)

What about a recipe, to see how this might be used?

Click above for email only combos and specials. Thanks for reading the Friday Postie stock update and email only specials email.