Coconut Flour and Creamed Coconut Combo

Coconut Flour and Creamed Coconut Combo Dry Gold Range

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Both the coconut flour and creamed coconut taste so good you can eat them straight, sprinkled on food.

Creamed Coconut | Concentrated, dehydrated coconut meat for a variety of uses
Size: Organic creamed coconut from Sri Lanka in 500 ml glass jars.

Coconut flour is granular, because it is high in dietry fibre. In fact, that is one of this flour’s strongest points.
The dietry fibre rating is 38%. That means, 38% of the flour is fibre. Many people suffer from symptoms which are associated with a lack of dietry fibre. This coconut flour tastes like a fine powder version of the creamed coconut.

Coconut Flour and Creamed Coconut Combo

Special instructions for the creamed coconut jar

The Creamed Coconut is unrefined food. It is a paste of the coconut flesh / meat. Therefore the virgin coconut oil separates from the meat into 2 layers.

The key to enjoying your creamed coconut is to dip the whole jar in hot water until the contents soften. Then you mix it, with a knife or fork. It will be viscous in texture.

Once you mix the 2 layers together, you will not have to mix it again, although the contents will solidify. You can just scrape however much you need with a fork when you come to use it, much like you would with coconut oil. The texture, however, is more solid than coconut oil.

If you want Thai curry with cheaper Coconut Cream, make it up from this Creamed Coconut. Our favourite in winter is to mix some into hot porridge. It will soften with the heat. It is nice in soups, too.

Coconut Flour and Creamed Coconut Combo includes:

Products from the Dry Gold Range of dehyrdated coconut.

1 x 500gram jar of Rich Gold Creamed Coconut Butter

1 x 1Kg of Gold Dust Raw Coconut Flour

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