Coconut Cream

Coconut Cream is freely available in the supermarket. But should you buy it there?

Are you looking for Coconut Cream or Creamed Coconut you can trust?

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The Coconut Cream you can buy in the supermarket is really cheap. But some of it is totally tasteless! One brand we tried tasted like tinned water, but it was white and thinly creamy. Another one didn’t taste very sweet at all. But that is just a symptom. Let’s look the ingredients of a collection of coconut cream cans I have in the cupboard for research.

Coconut Cream

  • Woolworths Home Brand – Coconut Milk 80%, Water, Thickeners (412, 466) Emulsifier (435)
  • Kara UHT Natural Coconut Cream – Fresh Natural Coconut Extract 99.92%, Stabilizer E415, E412 & E407
  • Trident Coconut Cream – Coconut Cream 52%, Water, Stabiliser (466)
  • Family Choice Pacific Ocean Coconut Cream – Coconut Water, Stabilizer (466), Emulsifier (435), Pasteurised and Homogenised.

Coconut Milk

  • Celebes Organic Coconut Milk – Organic Coconut Milk and Guar Gum (E412)

Obviously we sell Ceres Organic Coconut Cream in both small cans and in a big tin. You’re welcome to buy them. But they are not without additive. The Coconut Cream we have listed above, often has water added as well. If you get Coconut Milk it is more likely to have water in it.

We have received a request for some help

We received an email requesting that we look into the fact that Ceres Cream Coconut comes separated when other products, with synthetic based stabilisers and emulsifiers don’t.
So we agreed to make a short report on our findings. It will be available for free from this page. It is guaranteed to be intriguing! We already know the tastes are totally different. In the report, we’ll photograph them as well.

Bye for now.

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