Coconut Amino Sauce

Coconut Amino Sauce

Coconut Amino Sauce

A unique blend of coconut sap, coconut nectar and coconut nectar vinegar

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This sauce is produced from the sap of coconut tree blossoms and is intended as a replacement for soy based sauces.

Organic, Low Allergy Flavour Enhancer with Philippines and New Zealand ingredients

Coconut Amino Sauce | Taking the Soy, MSG and Sugar Cane out of flavouring sauces and condiments

Sizes: Coconut Amino Sauce – currently there is just 1 size arrangements, in 1 glass jar type.

  • 250mls – 1 glass jar
  • 500mls – 2 glass jar
  • 750mls – 3 glass jars
  • 1 litre – 4 glass jars

How it’s produced

Made from pure coconut sap and handcrafted with NZ sea salt, then fermented and aged. It has a very light taste of coconut nectar, medium saltiness. It is used in food dressings, food ingredients, sauces and condiments.

Coconut Amino Sauce Ingredients

  • Fresh Coconut Sap – 40%
  • Coconut Nectar Syrup – 20%
  • Coconut Nectar Vinegar – 15%
  • Sun-dried sea salt – 25%

Key features and benefits

  • Low Glycemic Index, Gluten Free, Non-Soy and Chemical Free therefore non estrogenic unlike unfermented soy
  • Contains 14 times the amino acid content of soy
  • 17 naturally occurring amino acids
  • May contribute to muscle repair and rebuilding
  • May enhance brain and nervous system function
  • Can boost immune system and energy level

Potential uses include

  • Flavouring for rice
  • Flavouring sauce on fish
  • General food flavouring
  • Anything you’d use soy sauce for

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