Chantal Value Pails 20 L

20 Litre Pails

10 Litre Pails

Alternative Pails (if sold out)

  • Chantal Value Pail 20 Litres $380
  • Two 20L Value Pails 40 Litres $750
  • Chantal Value Pail 10 Litres $280.70

Chantal Value Pails

Chantal 4 L Value Pail

Pleasant nutty smell and smooth taste. This 4 L pail comes in 20 litres as well

Chantal | Taking the “oily” out of coconut oil for every day oil eating and cooking.
Sizes: This super sized bulk level has 2 size arrangements, in 2 plastic pail sizes.


Do you need 20 Litres of oil at a time?

Chantal Value Pails (formerly Kaiora Virgin Coconut Oil) are popular among those who prefer 1 or 2 large plastic pails. Plastic pails are popular because you can reuse and or recycle the pail after the first use.

Many people have Chantal brand of oil recommended to them by a friend. And this could be because a lot of people who have compared all the oils in our range often say they like the taste of this oil best. We believe Chantal is a wonderful oil, and there are other oils equally as tasty, but taste is a VERY subjective matter.

If there was a never ending supply of Chantal Virgin Coconut Oil, we’d be happy, our customers would be happy, and so would Chantal, I’m sure. But for whatever reasons, their supply is often cut short, and we have made an effort to supply alternative oils at this site for those days when it is out of stock.

Unfortunately, all other CHANTAL products are sold out in our shop, that is 700 ml jars, litre pails and also 10 litre pails.  We only have 1 more Chantal 20 Litre pail for now.

When this product is out of stock again, the closest product in taste in smell is now White Gold, which currently comes in a 3.25 litre tub, and a 10 litre pail.

Why we named this offering a Value Pail

This 20 litre pail combines great taste with great value, providing multiples times as much oil as the small glass jar version of Chantal oil.

Do You Pay Postage or Freight?

All our prices are postage and freight inclusive. You pay no more than the price in the check out, after you have chosen your items.

No extra charges for Rural Delivery

You”ll pay nothing extra in any rural setting. You’ll pay nothing extra in Stewart Island or even the Chatham Islands! (Yes they do consume our oil over there. It’s not a very tropical place).