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Bulk Range Aisle – if you’ll use a lot of  coconut product, this is your aisle

Bulk Range Aisle – Raw Unrefined Virgin Coconut Oil 20L Delivered in NZ + Australia

Small glass jars don’t suit everyone, even when you can buy multiple items cheaper. “Bulk convenience” is why people buy from the bulk range aisle. Purchasers of bulk Coconut Oil, dry goods or liquids love the convenience of the larger packaging options. Click on the product photos or a text link below for more detailed information.

Two Popular Products – Featured in Bulk Range Aisle


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20L White Gold

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Next, Two Bulk Oil Product Brands

Oil | Organic Cold Pressed, Extra Virgin, White Gold Coconut Oil

Oil | Organic Extra Virgin Raw Coconut Oil extracted by fermentation only (Gut Friendly) Ancient Wisdom

Then Four Featured Bulk Oil Products

20L Value Pail Ancient Wisdom

10L Pail Ancient Wisdom

Coconut Butter (Creamed Coconut) 4L Rich Gold - 4L

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Coconut Butter (Creamed Coconut) 4L Rich Gold - 20L

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High users include massage therapists, those on special diets requiring tablespoons of coconut oil per day, and large families

The biggest reason people choose bulk packaging is convenience.
A plastic pail won’t get knocked over on the bench easily. It won’t easily break if it does fall over, and you can apply some force to get the solid oil out by the tablespoon-full, without fear of the jar flying across the room!

Do you remember the “Cookie Muncher” from when you were a child? The Cookie Muncher couldn’t get enough of cookies. And so it is with coconut oil for us. We use a lot of oil, and we know there are others like you who would like oil in larger quantities delivered to you.

We know most shops don’t provide bulk coconut oil (it’s just not their market)

You see, we know it’s hard for shops to put large pails on the shelf, and we can think of a range of reasons for that. Here are two for starters.

1) Large pails take up more shop space.

2) The larger the product on the shelf, the less variety and quantity of product that can be seen on the same shelf.

3) It is more difficult to share or give away a 4 litre pail with a friend than a 200 ml bottle.

Those reasons help to explain why shops don’t sell coconut oil in large quantities. But there is a forth big reason shops don’t sell much bulk coconut oil.

White Gold 10 Litres Bulk Coconut Oil NZ |

White Gold 10 Litre Value Pail

The biggest reason most shops don’t sell bulk coconut oil

It costs you less to buy the oil in bulk! You pay more per litre for small jars, and it provides suppliers and retailers with more profit to package oil in smaller quantities. This shop was set up so you can buy oil in bulk, and save money on packaging costs.

This shop was set up because we know it’s hard to find a range of bulk prices and large packaging for coconut oil.

When your needs for coconut oil are bigger than the jars, we provide a range of bulk options

You can go to the Beginner aisle and order Zenian Original Glass Jars in multiples (up to 6 litres), or you can shop in this aisle and get oil in a single plastic pail.

The bulk range suits those on coconut oil saturated fat diets and those seeking bulk supplies of White Gold and Ancient Wisdom. It is by far the cheapest way to have oil delivered to you. Our shop is famous for our supply of bulk oil delivered directly to you.

Use the drop down menu underneath the Ceres pail to see the 10 litre price, for example. There is a 5L plastic pail at $152.70, but when you go to the 10 L pail option, the price becomes $284.70. Each of the bulk oil will have similar quantity discount options available, so don’t forget to use the drop down menu under the “Add to Cart” button for each product to select the quantity you require.

Catering and baking with less coconut taste and smell!
A word for those looking at using coconut oil for catering or cooking on a large scale. If you don’t want the strong coconut taste or smell, Sea Breeze from Tonga was made for you! (Currently out of stock in some sizes).

An email from a satisfied customer

“Thank you so much for […] Yet another example of your fabulous service, to go along with your fabulous products. You set the standard for service excellence. You guys are awesome!”
Kathy Murray, Temuka

Types of processing (a frequently asked question)

Which of the bulk oil products has had the least processing applied to it?
The short answer is Ancient Wisdom. This oil is extracted the traditional way, with fermentation, and has had no heat applied to it whatsoever: before, during or after extraction. That is actually a very rare quality in coconut oil, because normally some degree of heat (even low heat) has to be applied to the oil to remove residual moisture to prevent early spoilage.

Buyers want the highest health benefits from the least processing

Here is a typical question from a buyer. “I was wondering which one of the bulk coconut oil range has had least processing applied to it providing highest health benefits?

The key to understanding the issue here is not the processing, but rather the type of processing. Fermented oil we sell is processed with less heat than other fermented oils. Fermented coconut oil has a reputation for being processed at higher heat than non-fermented oil. For the oil we sell at the Coconut Oil Shop, this is not the case.

We don’t have room to discuss all the types of processing here on this page, but for clarity, I will list them by bulk oil type.

Oil by processing type

White Gold
extracted from fresh mature coconuts. Meat is dried at less than 40 degrees, then  cold pressed to produce liquid for oil separation. 

Ancient Wisdom
Fermented, extracted from mature coconuts. Revolutionary fermentation technique that requires no heating. Fermentation improves the absorption of good acids by the body.

So you can see from the oils above that absolutely no chemicals, steam or high heat are used during production.

Next step: click on product images above to investigate the products some more.