Blue Breeze Coconut Ghee

Blue Breeze Coconut Ghee

Coconut Ghee

“The butter you spread when you are not spreading butter”

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Coconut Oil and Ghee Blend| Butter-like raw non-dairy spread

Coconut Ghee is the butter you spread when you’re not spreading butter

Size: Coconut Ghee (Blue Breeze RAW) has 3 size arrangements Use the drop down menu to choose between 800 ml 1.6 litres and 2.4 litres.

  • 800 ml (27 l oz) – 1 plastic pottle (90mm wide mouth)
  • 1.6 litre (54 l oz)2 plastic pottles (90mm wide mouth)
  • 2.4 litre (81 l oz)3 plastic pottles (90mm wide mouth)

The problem with cow’s milk butter is that it has “dairy content” – lactose and casein. Lactose and casein found in dairy milk cause a reaction in many people. So a lot of people use alternative spreads. Tahini, coconut oil, and other more processed options are popular, but they don’t taste anything like butter made from cow’s milk.

Many people feel you can’t beat the taste of butter! What makes the taste of butter so special is the way it enhances other flavours. One commentator pointed out that what makes quality restaurant food so tasty in comparison with home cooking in general is that they use real butter.

Butter tastes good, but it can cause reactions. So it would be good if we could take the lactose and casein (potential allergens) out of cow’s milk butter! Well you can. The product is no longer a dairy product as such; it is a butter fat extract called Ghee.

What is ghee?

Ghee is clarified butter (butter with milk solids and water removed). It is lactose and casein free. Butter wax extract is another way of describing ghee. The milk is turned into butter, then buttermilk, and finally ghee. Wikipedia states, “Real ghee is made from cow’s milk yoghurt”.

Ghee is used in India, but variations of ghee are found in traditional foods in pockets of Africa, Brazil, and some European cultures.

Is Ghee a raw food product?

Made the conventional way, ghee is not a raw food product, but what makes Blue Breeze Coconut Ghee unique is that it is specially made to be completely raw! Because it is pure fat without the components that can spoil (milk solids and moisture), ghee does not require refrigeration, and it lasts for an extended period of time.

What is Coconut Ghee?

Coconut Ghee is a buttery-tasting blend of raw ghee (25%) and virgin coconut oil (75%). It is the only coconut oil and ghee spread on the market, anywhere in the world. Other natural non-dairy spreads use nuts or seeds, often with a stronger taste.

Blue Breeze Coconut Ghee will have all the medium chain triglycerides: lauric, myristic and caprylic fatty acids found in organic virgin coconut oil, in addition to a full spectrum of omega 3 fats and other important fatty acids found in ghee such as CLA, butyric, stearic, palmitic, capric, etc.

The two ingredients in this butter-like non-dairy spread are known for their subtle flavour-enhancing qualities. Cow’s milk ghee is similar in taste to ordinary butter. It has the same flavour-enhancing qualities of butter. That combined with the pleasant taste of mild virgin coconut oil makes coconut ghee an ideal complement for a variety of dishes.

Why is Coconut Ghee so pleasant to taste (almost addictive)?

The combination of the qualities of the two oils in this Coconut Ghee Virgin Oil Blend makes it taste so pleasant, it is almost addictive. The butter wax extract (ghee) and the coconut oil combine to enhance the flavour of whatever they are applied to. The coconut oil taste is reined in by the ghee like a horse with a bridle, and the buttery taste is enhanced by the coconut oil. But doesn’t taste like butter. It is more butter like than nutty.

What makes Coconut Ghee Virgin Oil Blend unique?

Coconut Ghee Virgin Oil Blend, by Green Pasture, USA, is the only coconut oil and ghee blend on the market, anywhere in the world. Unlike other strong-tasting non-dairy, oil, fruit or seed-extracted natural spreads, this spread tastes and spreads in a way that is very similar to butter, only tastier.