Beginner Coconut Oil Choices

Some Beginner Coconut Oil Choices

Start here if you are looking for coconut oil, but don’t know exactly what you are looking for.

You can’t go wrong. Everything is guaranteed, and we answer email questions.
Use the drop down menu by the “Add to Cart” button for each product to see what other sizes / prices are available. For example, there are 380ml glass jars, and in the same brand, 1000ml, and 2 litres (2 x 1000ml glass jars).

Regular Style Virgin Oil

Fermented Style Virgin Oil

Virgin Oil for Skin

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This page is also part of our “beginner’s tour“. It is a different page to the “Beginner Aisle“, which is found on the main products page. These tours, and product focus pages are steps on a path to laying the foundations for an educated community of coconut oil users. (There is so much misinformation and self interest in the material on the internet, that feel we have to do something about it).

If you would like to go to the main products page and compare different sizes which are bigger than 1000ml (1L) you are welcome to that here on the Products (order-coconut-oil) page.