Baking Starter Kit Combo

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Baking Starter Kit Combo

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In this kit you’ll get 4 basic ingredients:

  • Virgin Coconut Oil (Wild Harvested) 2 Litres

  • Organic Coconut Flour 1kg

  • Organic Coconut Sugar 1kg

  • Organic Creamed Coconut 500 g

Sea Breeze from Tonga 2L flexipack

Sea Breeze from Tonga 2L flexipack. Sea Breeze from Tonga flexipacks contain an oil with a neutral taste and smell. This oil is sealed in a resealable bag and repackaged in New Zealand. Families in Tonga area paid for wild grown nuts from their own land.


Gold Dust Coconut Flour 1Kg

RAW: Not heated to more than 45°C during manufacture

1 x Coconut Flour 1 kg

Use a little more water with coconut flour than you normally would with wheat flour when baking.

Coconut Flour and Creamed Coconut go well together, even straight, sprinkled on top of porridge instead of sugar.

1 x Creamed Coconut 500 g

Colonel Montmorency 1kg Organic Coconut Sugar

Colonel Montmorency 1kg Organic Coconut Sugar

1 x Colonel Montmorency Organic Coconut Sugar

Substitute cane sugar with Coconut Sugar, gram for gram. They just taste different. This sugar is from Indonesia.

What do these items cost if you buy them in this store without this link?

We sell the Sea Breeze from Tonga Coconut Oil for $59.70 for 2000 ml resealable flexipacks
We sell the Rich Gold Creamed Coconut for $23.70 for 500 ml jars
We sell the Gold Dust Coconut Flour for $2o.70 for 1 kg in a bag
We sell the Colonel Montmorency Coconut Traders Organic Coconut Sugar for $29.70 for 1kg in a resealable flexipack

It doesn’t take much maths to work out that $43.70 + $21.70 + $21.70 + $16.70 is a total cost of $133.80 for all of them. But we have put these four items into a new Baking Starter Kit combo, and you’ll get them for a total cost of $89.70!

Buy all four items in this combo for $133.80 $89.70!

Why? Because we’re committed to helping those who wish to explore cooking and baking with coconut based ingredients.

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What are the best-before dates?

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These are all up to date products. They are our hot sellingi tems!

Another consideration you might have about discounted stock like this is, “Is it sitting around because the Coconut Oil Shop can’t move stock off the shelf (they’re so slack no one will deal with them).” Let our customers tell you what they think about that. : )

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Lou Gordon, Thames

Email from a satisfied customer:

Have been impressed once again with your exceptional service

“Have been impressed once again with your exceptional service and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend to family and friends. In fact, shared your web address with my naturopath last week, and she was equally delighted and excited to learn of your existence. Was particularly interested in the fact that you source coconut flour. Like me, she’d been unable to find elsewhere. Wonderful to deal with such good folk as yourselves. Wishing you every success.

Kindest regards,

Lorraine from DunedinLorraine Macmillan, Dunedin

What is included in this combo again?

Baking Starter Kit:

  1. 2000 ml of Sea Breeze from Tonga Coconut Oil
  2. 500 ml of Rich Gold Creamed Coconut
  3. 1 kilogram of Gold Dust Coconut Flour
  4. 1 kilogram of Colonel Montmerency Coconut Sugar

How much is it?

  • 1 flexpack of oil, 1 jar of creamed coconut, 1 bag of flour, 1 bag of sugar – $89.70

Take the hint

If you’re looking for ideas and materials for baking and cooking to consume more coconut oil, give this combo a try. Click on “Add to Cart” above.