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Milk Relief Soap™

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Coconut Oil & Goat’s Milk Soap | Natural care for Eczema and Psoriasis

Our family, the Smith Family Soapmakers, who run this Coconut Oil Shop, absolutely love coconut oil. So much so that our first batch of goat milk soap only had goat’s milk and coconut oil in it. Some people like to use pure coconut oil soap because of its excellent lathering and cleansing abilities; it will lather well even in sea water. However, it has one drawback; coconut oil by itself makes soap which may be too drying for some people’s skin.

We found this out through experience, and later confirmed it by research. Having extra sensitive skin, I (the chief soapmaker) was able to feel the subtle difference whenever I used pure coconut oil soap, be it homemade or brought back from Vanuatu. We were puzzled. Coconut oil is what we solely use as our cooking oil when heat is involved. Our health had already benefited so much from coconut oil that it was only natural for us to want to use as much coconut oil as possible in our soap. We already used coconut oil for our skin and hair as well and loved it.

When we finally discovered the reason why our goat’s milk & coconut oil formula wasn’t as mild as it could be, it made sense, and we did some more research in search for the best combination of oils for our soap. After further experiments, we came to the conclusion that the combination of oils, namely olive oil, coconut oil and shea butter, was most suited to what we needed to achieve in our soap; as mild as possible while retaining excellent lathering and cleansing abilities.

My soap search is finally over.

“When I used Milk Relief Soap™, I noticed that my wet skin felt ‘squeaky clean’, but when dried, my psoriasis wasn’t so itchy. In fact, quite a few weeks later when the first bar of soap finished, my skin was feeling great.

I decided to try it on my hair as a shampoo and that was even better, as my hair became softer and less spiky. My soap search is finally over. So thanks, and I will recommend Milk Relief Soap™ to others. I will be in touch to order more fabulous soap in the future.”

Marion Preston, Blenheim, New ZealandMarion Preston
Healthcare Professional
Blenheim, New Zealand

It must be so natural he sees it as food rather than a soap!

“We have been using your palm oil free soap for a couple of months now and absolutely love it! Problem is we are not the only ones. Our beagle Jimmy loves it as well…. to eat!! It must be so natural he sees it as food rather than a soap! At least his breath smells clean hehehe

Thank you for creating such an amazing product for the whole family xxx”

The Tabor family, Pokeno, Waikato, New Zealand

JimmyJimmy the Beagle who loves Milk Relief Soap™