Sandfly and Mosquito Repellent Twin Pack

100% Natural Sandfly and Mosquito Repellent

The season for the great outdoors is upon us, but with it come annoying sandflies and mosquitos. No more!

We have a simple but effective all-natural solution developed in a tiny island called Maripipi, Philippines, where all sorts of creepy crawlies abound but cars don’t exist. Let us introduce napoBIO Sandfly and Mosquito Repellent made right on the island.

napoBIO Sandfly and Mosquito Repellent is pure virgin coconut oil blended with pure lemongrass essential oil. The harvesting and coconut oil extraction is all done by hand the traditional way. Just like Ancient Wisdom, the oil is extracted by gravity separation (fermentation). You will love its fresh lemongrass scent.

You’d be surprised how this simple insect repellent can be so effective. So order one today here in time for your next tramping or camping trip. This 75 ml travel size jar will hardly take up any room in your bag.

Twin Pack – 2 x 75 ml – Sandfly and Mosquito Repellent

napoBIO® Twin Pack | Unrefined Organic Cold Pressed Coconut Oil and Lemongrass Essential Oil

[wp_eStore_fancy3 id=136] This completely natural oil product repels Sandflies and Mosquitos, so you can relax in the knowledge your skin is not drinking up chemicals when you use it.

With this Twin Pack Special, buy two for a discount! You can buy two 75 ml jars for $16.40 each. Save $33%