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My Account gives registered users rapid access to past sales records for repeat orders

New permanent $5 discount code for Camp Coconut and My Account members.
The Discount Code is: members
It will not work with any other code. So the monthly email code will not work in addition to this.

New Account?

There is only one way to get a new account. That is to buy something and tick (check) the box which is positioned below the billing address. It sits next to the words, “Create a new account?”. In the past, people have abused our goodwill and created fake accounts.


Registrations: As of August 2020 we have done away with the Members area. WHY? I’m sorry to say the technology got the better of us. Only “My Account” area remains.

All of your “My Account” essentials are displayed below on this one page.


All of your “My Account” essential information is displayed above, on this one page. To view the details you wish to see, use the links on the left, above.

Can’t log in to My Account?

As of August 2020, some people have tried to log in to the member’s area. They can’t. Then they think, “But I have a members area account”… Unfortunately, the technology that was holding your member’s area went out of date, and there were software conflicts happening, which lead to us dropping your member’s area. “My Account” logins remain and are working.

The members’ area benefits of regular newsletters did not happen for a period of time but as of September 2020, they are getting back on track. If there is a page that you would like to locate, and can’t find on the site, let me know, it is probably still there. There are hundreds of pages on this website. Hundreds.