Motivate Me Goodies 3

Goodie Number 3: Free 1 page download chart explaining the differences between 2 oils.

What’s the difference?!?
The Oils Come With No Comparisons!

(Every Coconut Oil provider we’ve been approached by has the “best oil available”.)

All of my childhood I associated the word fermented was associated with “off” and “rancid” and “blue vein”, or even “sour – like the smell of wine”. To make matters worse for me, in my more enlightened adult life I’ve tasted some pretty foul tasting fermented coconut oil.

So what’s the difference?

So what is the difference between White Gold with its description of sweet aroma and delightful taste, and Ancient Wisdom with its description fermented and delicious at the same time?

Without trying to get too technical, we’ve pulled together a quick and easy to read 1 page guide on the topic, as seen on your special page, Motivateme-only.
What is the difference?

Compare WG & AW Motivateme text