Motivate Me Goodies 4

Goodie Number 4: Free 1 page download recipe (5 minute Coconut Oil Mayonnaise).

Got any healthy mayonnaise?!?

(I find it hard to eat salad, without mayonnaise. Salad dressing is fine too. But mayonnaise…)

It’s our 12-year-old daughter’s job to make sure we always have homemade coconut oil mayonnaise in our pantry.

Sometimes she will quickly whiz some up after the meal is served on the table. Yes, it’s that easy, and healthy, too! Click here for the recipe.

When I was a child

When I was child, we had a Christmas evening meal at the Smith house, in Thornton St, St Albans, in Christchurch, NZ. The food was always consistent.

Among other things, there was

  • Cold left over turkey
  • tomatoes cut in half with a zigzag
  • tossed salad
  • and mayonnaise…

Oh we didn’t have that mayonnaise at my home when we grew up.

Oh help no! Mum insisted it was fattening! (Full of condensed milk, and sweet as a lolly).

But we always had it at Nana’s house every Christmas.

So that is where my affection for mayonnaise came from. The children in our family have it quite often (its a great way to get more Coconut Oil down their throats) and I hope our healthy alternative will make the children and grand children in your life delighted too.

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