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Goodies Number 5: free 1 page download article about Coconut Water questions

If you want to learn more about the Coconut, and share your knowledge with friends, then Camp Coconut is the place to learn

We’re pleased to support the Motivate Me NZ community as you take care of your bodies. Take a further step by learning about Coconut Oil and Coconut Flour at Camp Coconut!

Learn how to use the benefits of the coconut, and explain them to others.

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Young Green Coconut with Water

Camp Coconut 2 Coconut Water Questions Answered

Master the Coconut! Discover is many uses, and easily explain them to friends and family.

It is easy to confuse the various products we can extract from a coconut tree. The coconut tree has so many uses it is also easy to overlook some of them.
In fact, there is so much we can learn, and so much conflicting information out there, it is little wonder we have “Coconut Oil Experts”, magazine articles, product descriptions and story books using conflicting terms to describe the same thing!

But the biggest example of how misunderstood the coconut oil is can be found in a background story about the Boxing Day Tsunami, 2004. Click on the red button below to find out some more about a story behind the 2004 Tsunami, and how a little bit of ignorance failed to achieve all that could have been done on the days that followed , 26th December 2004. I can’t imagine things were much better in the Philippines disaster of 2013. Many of the trees were ripped right out.

The downloadable article above is an example of what is available at Camp Coconut. So if you haven’t joined us at Camp Coconut already, take the hint, and see what it is about now.

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