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We’ve discounted two brands of premium organic unrefined virgin coconut oil for you

Both brands offered below are top-of-the-range food oils, suitable both as food and skin/hair oil. We can’t guarantee to make you a celebrity, but we can show you a natural secret to soft youthful skin!

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White Gold

Ancient Wisdom

Skin Products

2 x 380 ml jars

2 x 160 ml jars

Coconut Oil Sandfly & Mosquito Repellent

2 x 1 Litre jars

2 x 1 Litre jars

Milk Relief Soap

Free report available

7 insights about
using Coconut Oil

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Did you know some people famous for their skin and hair love coconut oil?

Miranda /Kerr (Australia) consumes Virgin Coconut Oil daily. Mandy Moore loves Coconut Oil and uses it on her skin daily.

White Gold

Ancient Wisdom

Coconut Flour

2 x 380 ml jars

2 x 160 ml jars

Gold Dust
Coconut Flour

2 x 1 Litre jars

2 x 1 Litre jars

 Free report: 7 insights about using Coconut Oil for skin see arrow below.

What is the difference between White Gold and Ancient Wisdom?

How different could two oils that sound the same be? | It’s all in the oil extraction process

White Gold: Most classic coconut taste & smell

Raw: Oil is extracted by cold pressing.

Smell: Very Coconuty. Really classic coconut smell.

Taste: Very Coconuty. Really the classic coconut taste.

Ancient Wisdom: Most absorbent on skin

Raw: Oil is extracted by traditional fermentation – extremely low tech Pacific Island operation.

Smell: Mildly Coconuty. Faintly fermented, but very fresh.

Taste: Slightly fermented taste. The taste varies between solid and liquid state. (The melting point is 24 degrees C)

This is what Mandy Moore (above) said about Coconut Oil

“The ‘Walk to Remember’ actress swears by the power of unrefined coconut oil to boost her skin’s moisture levels and give her a healthy glow.” ( If you are looking at more than just some oil or coconut flour, this might be the place to look.

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