Does it matter if your skin is wet when rubbing?

Neil uses Virgin Coconut Oil in the shower or when the skin is dry.

Teaspoon of Vigin Coconut Oil
Use as much as you need
Dr Bruce Fife, Mr Newport and Dr Mercola both point out that the skin is the largest organ of the body. Rubbing oil on it keeps it from drying out too much. Your skin may renew itself, which looks for all the world like you “reacted” to Virgin Coconut Oil, but that is VERY, VERY unlikely. Just persist.

The Smith family started using Coconut Oil because we thought it may have a positive effect on our children’s dry skin. The focus for us was on eating Coconut Oil, and using Virgin Coconut Oil in our cooking. But when we started to talk to people with little or no understanding of what Virgin Coconut Oil can for do them, the first thing they do is rub it on their top side of their hands.

So our focus was on cooking when we set up the online shop. But face to face customer interactions centred around the use of Virgin Coconut Oil on the hands.

Here are some other ways to use Virgin Coconut Oil in your skin

Stomach skin burn treated with napoBIO Virgin Coconut Oil

Looking for long term evidence?

Look at Lauren Hutton. She slathered Coconut Oil on her skin since age 22. She does not look 70.

Take a poll now, do you use it on your cracked heels?

Do you rub Virgin Coconut Oil on cracked heels?

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