Oil Pulling what is it

Oil Pulling what is it?

Oil Pulling is the ancient art of swishing oil around your mouth, for up to 20 minutes, without swallowing it to clear the body of bugs that create the symptoms of sickness. It was developed on the assumption that all disease starts in the mouth. Certainly a dentist can look in your mouth and tell you a lot about the health of your heart!


What will Oil Pulling do for you?

Dr Bruce Fife, author of “Oil Pulling Therapy Detoxifing and Healing The Body Through Oral Cleansing” states that all disease starts in the mouth. Therefore, using the pulling power of oil in your mouth cleanses your mouth of toxins built up  in the mouth.

How can you see what we’ve described as the pulling power of oil?  The Smith family believe that oil pulls ingrained dirt out of hands. This can be demonstrated by rubbing grimy hands with Coconut Oil. Rub for a while, and you can scrape the ingrained oil off your hands. That is a demonstration of what we call the pulling power of oil.

The Romans used olive oil for cleaning themselves instead of baths in most cases. This practise of cleaning with oil was also used by Paul Sorse, a Filipino of Virgin Coconut Oil fame in America. He only had a bath or shower once a year, and used fermented Virgin Coconut Oil for cleaning, his body, inside and out!

Oil Pulling Therapy by Dr. Bruce Fife Have you heard about Oil Pulling and want to find out more?