Hair and Virgin Coconut Oil

Hair and Virgin Coconut Oil how do you use it?

There are various recommendations for hair and Virgin Coconut Oil. Let’s make some sense of them.

Pure Virgin Coconut Oil for HairMelt some oil in your fingers and massage
If your hair is not looking like it’s glorious potential put some Virgin Coconut Oil into your hair, and massage it into the roots.

The antioxidants (smell and taste part of the Virgin Oil) help feed the hair fibres. This can happen because Virgin Coconut Oil has extremely small molecules – the things that make up a fat/oil. If your hair is not looking like it’s glorious potential, and you’re intending to have a shower, you might consider vigorously rubbing in some coconut oil.

Cosmetic products use the cheapest type of Coconut Oil if they use it at all. The cheapest oil is treated with extremely high heat to extract has much oil out as possible. This process kills the plant food – anti-oxidants in the oil which will do your hair good. It also means that the oil is “oxidised”. That means free radicals, which damage the cells in your body enter your body, through the very small fatty acids of the Coconut Oil, through your hair.

That’s why we recommend you to use Virgin Coconut Oil, which is not extremely high heat treated on hair.

Which Coconut Oil Works Well On Hair?

Ancient Wisdom Fermented

Ancient Wisdom is an excellent choice.

The regular use of Virgin Coconut Oil by rubbing on the scalp and into the roots of hair will:

  • reduce or remove dandruff
  • help prevent and eliminate nits in the hair (head lice)
  • make hair shine

No-one wants to admit their child has nits or head lice

Head louse (headlice). Here is prevention tips information you may be interested in.
Below there is a link about how to treat nits (head louse) with Virgin Coconut Oil.

We make no claims, but it works for us.

Olive oil and coconut oil kill lice by dissolving their exoskeletons. Milk Relief Soap™ contains plenty of both oils. Other oils do not offer the same effect. Join Camp Coconut free for more info.

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