Frying – use Virgin Coconut Oil frying food

Frying – use Virgin Coconut Oil frying food

Frying - use Virgin Coconut Oil frying food

Do you use Virgin Coconut Oil when frying an egg? (Take the poll below).

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If there is no smoke while frying, the oil is safe

Let’s start with a simple frying tip. One of the beautiful things about Coconut Oil is that it goes solid at around 25° C. That means that it is easy to scoop, pick, or scrap out some oil and place it on the inside edge of the frying pan. When the pans heats up, it slides inside, and you can lift the pan to make sure it is in the right place.

At lunchtime today, I had to “fend for myself” and there was no bread in the house! But there was some eggs, cold beef, and some left over cooked rice. So I grabbed the Le Creuset (“Lur Quoozeh“) frying pan and off I went.

Just remember, don’t let the pan get hot enough to make the oil smoke.

Using Virgin Coconut Oil for frying doesn’t have to be hard

For lunch today all I had was:

I place the oil on the inside of the pan, and I heated the pan with a lid on it on a medium heat. I was using a solid metal electric cook top, not gas.

When the oil was liquid, and spread I placed the eggs in. After the eggs had set somewhat I added some meat and some rice.

I should have added the Coconut Aminos sauce with the rice, but I didn’t. It would have tasted way better with the sauce throughout the flavours.

Frying with Coconut Oil is easy, anyone standing in front of a pan at the right heat can do it successfully

In a manly and inexperienced fashion I jabbed and poked at the food in the pan. I didn’t do as much jabbing and poking as my inclinations would have allowed, because I knew I wasn’t standing there to make a stir fry! I stayed away from touching the eggs until they were ready to come loose from the bottom of the pan.

The end result was the my hunger was abated, due to the satiety of the Coconut Oil and the protein in the eggs and the amino acids.

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Have you tried this slightly more advanced Coconut Oil frying recipe?

Sliced Skirt Steak Seared with Coconut Oil

These tender morsels were once a slither of stewing steak…

Here is the blog post which shows you how to turn stewing steak into a dream meal. And yes I did it with Virgin Coconut Oil, and a (Stainless Steal) frying pan.

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