How much coconut oil should you consume each day?

There are various recommendations about it. Let’s make some sense of it.

Teaspoon of Vigin Coconut Oil
1tsp of coconut oil daily, eaten off a spoon
1-4 tablespoons a day is what Dr Fife, Mr Newport and Dr Mercola seem to generally agree upon. Any thing up to 50ml a day is a good idea when taken straight. But start with 1 teaspoon, and work up.

One tablespoon is about 15-16.5 ml. The spoon sizes ascend in this order. Teaspoon, desert spoon, and finally tablespoon. 1 teaspoon is generally 5ml in the British Commonwealth.

While the the short answer is 1-4 tablespoons a day we rely on this as a general guideline. The amount of coconut oil your body can cope with is the amount you should be guided by. Listen to your body, and start with 1 teaspoon per day.

Serving suggestions for beginners. 1 teaspoon in hot water or herbal tea, or Rooibos Tea, just as an example is a good way to start off. Work up from there.

If you tend to get heartburn, we recommend you always take it with food. The easiest way to take it is to melt it in a hot meal at the table or soup, apart from using it for cooking and baking.

Virgin Coconut Oil suppresses appetite if you eat it 20 minutes before a meal. It also reduces dugar craving, which means you eat less refined carbohydrates.

Here are some easy ways to eat more Coconut Oil with little fuss.

Spicy herb battered wedges (baked)

Raw Raspberry Dairy Free Cheesecake

Why take consumption slowly at first?

Tablespoon over Virgin Coconut Oil Jar
Virgin Coconut Oil is a revitalising oil. It gives your system a rev up, and if you change your diet all of a sudden, you digestive system may not respond in the normal ways. So just build things up slow and steady. When your body is telling you it has had too much, for now, don’t increase the amount each day.

Coconut oil speeds the metabolism of your body.  It also uses less energy to digest. If you want more information on Coconut Oil, I suggest you read the book by Dr Bruce Fife, The Coconut Oil Miracle. We can’t provide individual health advice beyond this general guideline.

Warning: you might look younger!

Warning: you might look younger, without expensive water filled creams.
You might experience an outcome like we one we reported on our Facebook page.
“Exciting news!!!! We heard from a customer who is drinking 1 teaspoon of Virgin Coconut Oil in hot water, and is experiencing skin tightening (where skin was too loose).” 6th October 2014

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