Coconut Water FAQ

Q What are your thought regarding freeze dried coconut water?

A We don’t have many thoughts on it yet. We don’t currently stock it because the C Coconut Water is relatively new to us, and it tastes amazing.

Coconut Water is a whole food with unique benefits. You can even use it to rehydrate a dieing person. So the thought of freeze drying it seems to us to degrade of it it’s life giving benefits. But we don’t really know for sure.

How is Coconut Water harvested in Kerala, South India?

A The harvester steps one foot inside a rope, which is then pulled taught against the tree trunk. His body weight holds the soles of his feet the tree trunk. The same system applied to his hands. The weight of his body pulls on the wrists, and around the outside of the tree trunk, to allow him to pull his feet up the trunk. It’s so simple its’ amazing.

Isn’t it a waste of money to buy Coconut Cream or Coconut Milk when you’re buying water?
A Well buying Coconut Cream is less waste than buying Coconut Water, because Coconut Cream will have less water. But there are other ways around this. We’ve developed a recipe using C Coconut Water which is available from our shop in New Zealand, and from others in Australia. Take a look at the Coconut Camp Coconut Cream Recipe here.

Here is the link in case you missed it above.