Baking with Virgin Coconut Oil

Baking with Virgin Coconut Oil is a good idea – lets explore some basic questions

This page is for some recipes, plus short questions and answers.

Will the oil be damaged by heating?

The first rule of thumb is this. If Coconut Oil is not smoking, its fine.

Baking normally involves working with something moist. The moisture brings the temperature in the baking down. As a result you can use a much higher temperature than the oil’s smoke point in your oven. You can easily bake at 180-250 C. because the moisture within the baking protects the oil.

Does Virgin Coconut Oil behave like cow’s dairy butter?

The short answer is no. One of the toughest tests for the butter/oil comparison is scones (Americans have biscuits, we have scones). I had perfect fluffy scones yesterday. They were made with supermarket New Zealand butter. They were awesome! A few days before I had pumpkin scones – you can see from the photo they are fluffy, and they tasted amazing, but they are not “scone texture”.

Pumpkin Scones with Sea Breeze from Tonga Coconut Oil

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Unbleached white wheat flour was used in the picture above.

The next consideration with regard to scones, and other recipes that require mixing a solid product, like butter, in is that you could consider warming the oil enough to soften it. Comparing the different ways to make scones without butter, using Virgin Coconut Oil, is an area that we need to research some more. I know that previously we’ve made scones with a different Virgin Coconut Oil, at a different altitude above sea level, and a different oil, in a different kitchen (different oven) and the results were quite different.

Baking with Virgin Coconut Oil - Bberry Tart by JuliaandLibby
You can find more information about this recipe by clicking on the link below.

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