Coconut Oil: Learn More Free Here

Coconut Oil: Learn More Free Here

You can build Coconut Oil confidence as you learn how to use it in everyday life.

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Melt | Learn about Virgin Coconut Oil

Master the coconut and convince your friends and family of its benefits.
Coconut Oil: learn more, free, with this list of uses because true Unrefined Virgin Coconut Oil is tasty and versatile revitalising oil. It is more than just a healthy cooking oil.

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Coconut Oil: Learn more free here | Did you know Coconut Water is also beneficial for revitalising your body?

Some people are familiar with drinking Coconut Water (above), others Coconut Cream, others wonder what the big fuss is about.

The purpose of the learning material in the website

I’ve met a lot of people who say, “Oh Coconut Oil, that’s really healthy for cooking isn’t it?” And it is. Sometimes I discover they are using 100% natural, wild harvested or organic oil, but it is not unrefined Virgin Coconut Oil.  Instead they are using a yellow coloured refined product.

When I discover Coconut Oil which is 100% natural, but denatured by steam refining, I point out that the antioxidants, which once fed the plant have been removed. I’m also reminded of why we setup this website in 2009. We’re here for the delivery of bulk Virgin Coconut Oil because it is a complete product which requires no refining to deliver its life giving properties to those who eat it, oil pull with it, and use it on their skin or hair. We are also here to educate you, if you wish to learn.

Our aim is to help you see and discern quality in Virgin Coconut Oil, and discover other Coconut Revitalising Wholefoods.

There is so much we can learn, and so much conflicting information out there, it is little wonder we have “Coconut Oil Experts”, magazine articles, product descriptions and story books using conflicting terms to describe the same thing!

Learn how to use the benefits of the coconut, and explain them to others

Master the Coconut! Discover its many uses, and easily explain them to friends and family.

It is easy to confuse the various products we can extract from a coconut tree. So many products can be taken from the coconut tree, for so many uses, it is easy to overlook some of them.

One good example of how misunderstood the coconut is can be found in a background story about the Boxing Day Tsunami, 2004.

Do you remember the Boxing Day Tsunami of 2004? Over 220,000 people are reported to have died. Some were battered by the force of the water and objects around them. A great deal died because they panicked in the water. But many will have died from lack of clean water.

Coconut Oil: Learn more free here with Coconut Camp

Coconuts | Learn how to use their life giving benefits

The tragedy of this last fact is that the areas affected were awash with coconuts. All but the most mature coconuts have sterile, cool coconut water inside. Coconut water is a rich source of minerals, and the PH balance is akin to that of our blood. Some of the locals, many of the tourists, medical assistance professionals, and aid providers either never knew what to do with the coconuts, or had overlooked their use in this situation.

Let’s learn how to drill through the walls of ignorance

As you learn more, you can help others. The more you learn, the more ordinary everyday people you can remind of the naturally occurring health benefits to be found in a coconut or from the coconut tree.

So back to this story about the Tsunami. Each young coconut can be used for treating dehydration. The local medical teams could have plunged a needle into each of the young (green) coconuts to provide a safe sterile fluid, which with a pinch of salt would have provided a saline solution for dehydrated children and elderly. Wikipedia states that as much as 1/3 of the death toll from the 2004 Tsunami were children. However, the medical community are only beginning to accept this natural solution for dehydration which God has given us inside the coconut.

Wherever there is dehydration and death, there is infection and perhaps injury. In the 2004 Tsunami wounds could have been treated with Virgin coconut oil extracted by traditional fermentation of mature coconuts.

Coconuts can solve a number of the problems associated with traumatic struggles like natural disasters. They can also make our lives easier in a number of everyday ways. Not only that, they are easily transported by bullock and cart, modern vehicle, or even container load. The problem is not the coconuts, it’s the lies that the population, and some experts have been fed about them. The only answer to this wall of ignorance is found in teaching people about coconuts in every day language.

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  • Learn correct terms for example, Coconut Butter – what’s that?
  • Make your own organic Coconut Cream – as much as you need, when you need in a few short minutes
  • Learn about how to use Virgin Coconut Oil for hair care
  • Library of recipes

Correct Terms
You can learn about the correct use of terms like coconut milk and coconut water and how they ware are confused. The label on a jar stating Coconut Butter has been assumed to mean solid Virgin Coconut Oil, when it is actually something completely different! There much to learn, and you can do a lot with it!

Make your own cooking building blocks such as Organic Coconut Cream – in minutes!
Another example of what you’ll learn at Coconut Camp is how to make 100% natural Coconut Cream, right in your own home with Creamed Coconut and C Coconut Water! This will be valuable for you as there are countless recipes which have, “Coconut Milk” or “Coconut Cream”. Unfortunately the majority of Coconut Cream and Coconut Milk in the supermarkets tastes like tinned water, and they come with stabilisers too!

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