Health 2000 Stores

What we are offering Health 2000 Store customers is a premium Raw Coconut Oil which appeals to everyone who loves the taste and smell of Coconut Oil will love.
White Gold Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is whiter than any other oil we’ve seen, yet Raw, Unrefined, Cold Pressed, Certified Organic and 100% Pure.
The two main retail sizes are 380 ml, which you have, and 1 Litre. They both come in glass. We also supply a 3.25 L food grade, non leaching, BPA free plastic pail, with a very wide lid for retail sales as well.
The purchase prices (GST exclusive) are:
$7.83 + GST
$19.13 + GST
$55.39 + GST
The RRPs inclusive of GST are:

These are not made up figures, these products sell online at our shop at these prices and we recommend them for all shops.

How To Order

Postage is dependent on the size of the order and your location. But we’ve made it more predictable. Follow the prompts.