Green Relief Salve

Green Relief Salve

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Do you have stubbornly dry skin?

The most calming moisturiser you’ll ever use
Green-Relief-Salve 2 size pottles

Dry skin is irritating. Sometimes it really gets on your nerves, and makes you want to scratch and scratch, and suddenly you’re bleeding. This makes the skin even more irritated, and your dry skin can end up causing worse conditions.

Our son had suffered terribly with dry skin. But the one thing that makes it hardest is knowing that scratching it will make it worse, and he’d end up so sick that he couldn’t live anything like a normal life. You see for him: it doesn’t matter how effective a moisturiser is if it doesn’t do it’s part in taking away some of the inflammation and irritability from the skin. If the skin is still itchy, it may get scratched in the night, and he will end up with skin that needs stronger and stronger creams to help repair the damage done by scratching.

Have you been disappointed over and over with natural creams and lotions that are just too mild to be effective for your dry skin or eczema? You put it on, and your skin is still itchy, and that leads to more scratching. Then after a few hours, your skin is getting dry again.

Dry skin will always get dry again. But would it be good if you could find a salve designed to combat the driest of dry skins? It would need a special combination of:

  • calming
  • soothing
  • moisturising
  • 100% natural skin care ingredients

The problem is that “100% natural” can mean the ingredients used to make the product are 100%, or even 100 times more expensive than man made ingredients. It would be way cheaper to make a salve with natural filler ingredients. Those ingredients would help spread the active ingredients on your skin.

Active ingredients are the ones that get the calming, soothing, and moisturising work done inside your skin. With more filler ingredients, you’d end up with more product across your skin, but less active ingredients calming your skin.

Introducing Green Relief Salve

Green Relief for Skin salve was specially formulated for our son who has suffered from severe debilitating chronic eczema since infancy. We make no claims or promises, but we decided to make this salve available because we receive many enquiries from those with similar skin conditions.

Try using pure virgin coconut oil first as a skin moisturiser. If it works for you, that’s great! If your dry, itchy skin condition persists, this salve may be just what you need.

No risk to you. If it doesn’t work for you, you get your money back in full. We know how you feel. We have a cupboard full of half used or little used bottles, tubes and jars of all manner of skin creams, lotions and ointments. The trouble is that shops won’t take back what you’ve opened and used, but we will, so that you get a chance to try this one out.

Take a look at what one of our customers has to say about our customer service!

The Coconut Oil Shop was more expensive

When I first started buying coconut oil, I tried a few different online suppliers looking for the best price and the best delivery time.I was buying from another provider, but when an order took 9 days, and 3 follow up emails to get to me, I gave the Coconut Oil Shop online another try. My order arrived the very next day*! Wow! That’s what I call service!

Since then, and many orders later, I have discovered their customer service is nothing short of outstanding! Friendly, prompt, and orders are sent when they say they are sent! I feel like they bend over backwards to ensure I get the best in service, quality and supply. I can recommend them wholeheartedly!!

Thank you so much!

Elizabeth Johnsen knows good service when she gets it! Johnsen, Christchurch
*Next day delivery is normal for Christchurch, but not for the North Island. It’s more like 2 to 6 days for other parts of New Zealand, including weekends.

Q. Why is this salve so expensive?

A. It actually costs a lot to make. Please see below:

We have not spared any expense in developing this salve, because our objective was to make something which will actually work for our son, not to sell it. He insisted that we use only organic oils and beeswax, so we have done that, too. We have also used the most expensive therapeutic grade essential oils, not the cheaper sort you’d find in retail shops in town. There are actually 15 different therapeutic grade essential oils incorporated into the salve. We are talking about the sort of essential oils that cost $50.00+ for a mere 5 ml (yes, five ml, not fifty!).

So, if something else (such as pure coconut oil or another natural cream) works well enough for your skin, you don’t need this salve.

Ingredients: Organic Tamanu Oil (Calophyllum Inophyllum), Organic Unrefined Fair Trade Shea Butter, Organic Virgin Coconut Oil, Organic Beeswax, Calendula Extract, Special Blend of Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils including German Chamomile, Roman Chamomile, Helichrysum and Lavender.

Not recommended for babies under 12 months (too strong). Eyes must be avoided (that includes rubbing eyes with hands with the salve on).

Direction: Rub a generous amount into dry, inflamed or itchy skin at least 2-3 times daily. Do not put near eyes. Wrap or dress the area carefully for best results.

Comes in a dark glass jar. Keep in a cool, dark place. Keep the lid on between uses.

Caution: Green Relief Salve is naturally green, so it may stain white or pale-coloured clothes.

Why Green Relief Salve?

Here are the key benefits:

  • The most calming moisturiser you’ll ever use
  • Developed for the driest of dry skin conditions
  • Created for results on our son, not created with profit in mind
  • The world’s most expensive natural ingredients – fit for a king!
  • Organic Tamanu Oil (Calophyllum Inophyllum)
  • Organic Unrefined Fair Trade Shea Butter
  • Organic Virgin Coconut Oil
  • Organic Beeswax
  • Only Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils
  • Calendula Extract
  • No filler ingredients

Do You Pay Postage or Freight?

All our prices are postage and freight inclusive. You pay no more than the price in the check out, after you have chosen your items.

No extra charges for Rural Delivery

You’ll pay nothing extra in any rural setting. You’ll pay nothing extra in Stewart Island or even the Chatham Islands! (Yes they do consume our oil over there. It’s not a very tropical place).

Try it now. The most calming moisturiser you’ll ever use.

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