Gaps Diet

Gaps Diet: here is one frequently asked question and our answer

Question 1 (sugar and additives)

“I am on the gaps diet due to health issues. Can you guaranty me that
there is absolutely no sugar or additives of any kind in your coconut
products made with coconuts and virgin coconut oil?”

Our answer

There is nothing added to any oil, or creamed coconut (mashed coconut meat), coconut flour (milled coconut meat), or freeze dried coconut chips. What makes us different in the New Zealand market place is that we specialise in the supply of virgin coconut oil because it is a complete product which requires no refining to deliver its life giving properties to those who eat it, oil pull with it, and use it on their skin or hair.

Our Virgin Coconut Oil is unadulterated. No refining, no deodorising, and no meddling.

  • No additives
  • No sugar
  • No meddling

Question 2 (probiotics)

“Does the fermented oil contain natural probiotics due to the fermentation process?”

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