Should you look for smell-free Coconut Oil?

Obviously only you can answer that question. But we can help you do is decide for yourself. Here is a quick guide about it. We are often asked about the smell of coconut oil. Here is a typical question on the topic.


Which of your products is odourless that is organic and cold pressed?


If the coconut oil has no smell or taste of coconut, then it is a sure sign that it has been stripped of its phytonutrients by going through an extensive refining process, even if the end product can still be called organic.

All of the coconut oils we carry at The Coconut Oil Shop are organic and virgin, and extracted using a cold process involving little or no external heat (cold pressed, natural fermentation or centrifuging).

Among the different brands available, Sea Breeze from Tonga, Ancient Wisdom Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil and Ceres Organic Cold Pressed Virgin Coconut Oil have the least coconut smell. The other brands have pleasant coconut smells.