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Are you looking for some articles about coconut oil or other coconut products to share with others?

The Coconut Oil Shop’s blog page has a large number of articles. So does the site itself. They can be found, if you are following the scent of an idea.

In the Coconut Tips Membership Area we have a grid of three types of articles.

The three types of article we have in the Coconut Tips members areas are:

  1. Coconut Tips Secret Articles
  2. Articles for Sharing
  3. Camp Coconut Free Content Articles

Let’s compare “Camp Coconut” with “Coconut Tips”

This is what “Coconut Tips” Members Area looks like. This is just a sample, and there will be more items to view in the near future, under Coconut Tips.
In the Coconut Tips grid you have the secret articles. The articles to share with others, and the Camp Coconut articles for your ease of access.

Coconut Tips Secret Articles

Articles for Sharing With Others

Camp Coconut Free Content Articles

FAQ – Gaps Diet (2 x Questions) Oil Scrubbing Tip – temporary public version Camp Coconut Free Articles Index
Cooconut Oil Smell Article
Download Coconut Oil and Eczema Report (V1.2) Worth $25 Coconut Oil Benefits for Dogs Make your own Coconut Cream
Smoke Point of Virgin Coconut Oil
Face – Coconut Tips Fermented, or Regular Virgin Coconut Oil: Which One? Cholesterol and Coconut Oil
How long will Virgin Coconut Oil Keep?
Oil Scrubbing Tip

This is what the Free Members area article index from “Camp Coconut” looks like. In the free area, we only list the hidden Camp Coconut articles, and not the other two types.

Camp Coconut Free Articles Facebook Appearance: NZ EcoChick Facebook page
Coming soon…”What’s Tooth Pulling?” (It’ll make you smile)

As part of the premium content at Coconut Tips, we make it easier to locate our articles, and articles we think are worth sharing. In an ideal world, we’d make enough money from selling Virgin Coconut Oil to the public that we could afford to hire a content manager, and provide free access to our stash of articles, in a neat little index of articles. But the reality is that we can’t afford to do that.

3 other reasons why we charge money for access to our index of shareable articles.

(These are articles you can find on our site, if you look hard enough).

1) We want to save people from being overwhelmed with information.

Many people believe the way to educate someone about a topic is to throw the information at them, and hope some of it sticks. We got a phone call from a person who said they have been given a list of 101 things they can use Coconut Oil for. It was simply overwhelming, they said. I often think to myself, “A hundred and one ways? You haven’t heard the half of it! There are 1000 uses for the different parts of the Coconut tree.”

2) Sharing requires caring.

We feel our responsibility to provide care, protection and guidance. It’s not right to expose people to heaps of information and expect them to be able to share it with others, without being able to call on someone to clarify matters that seem confusing.

3) How can we afford to support people who don’t support us because the cost of freight is so high?

The people who are buying our Virgin Coconut Oil and other Coconut Food products are based in New Zealand and Australia. We can’t afford to provide endless support to those in Norway, England and the USA if they are unlikely to support us with income.

If our business changes and we find we have a superb stash of articles as well as great cash flow, of course we’ll migrate some of our secret articles out into cheap packages that anyone, anywhere can purchase. That is our ultimate goal.

You can find free articles from our site at the blog

There are places you can find articles on our site for looking. The blog is one of them.

Join the Coconut Tips membership is the other option.

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