Nit Treatment

Nit Treatment: straight Virgin Coconut Oil is best at doing this job

Milk Relief Soap Washing hands with soap
We can’t give medical advice or guarantee any results, but virgin coconut oil and olive oil are known to kill lice by dissolving their exoskeletons.

Straight Virgin coconut oil is best at doing this job. You can work the coconut oil into hair and scalp 1+ hours before washing hair, or you can even do this the night before and wear a shower cap to sleep.

Then, we recommend washing your hair thoroughly with Milk Relief Soap™, as it contains plenty of both coconut and olive oils. Wash, rinse, and wash again and rinse.
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After washing and drying hair, we recommend combing the eggs out of hair using a fine nit comb.

Virgin coconut oil should be applied to hair and scalp as above every few days until you are sure that all eggs have been hatched and dealt with.

For maintenance, we recommend using Milk Relief Soap™ for shampooing. Here’s an excerpt from our soap website:


A little tip for natural lice prevention

We make no claims, but here is some information you may be interested in. Olive oil and coconut oil kill lice by dissolving their exoskeletons. Milk Relief Soap™ contains plenty of both oils. Other oils do not offer the same effect. So, using Milk Relief Soap™ regularly on your children’s hair may assist in preventing lice. The key is to leave the lather on their hair for as long as possible. You can achieve this by starting with washing their hair with Milk Relief Soap™, and leaving it unrinsed while you wash their bodies.

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