Kathy’s Coconut Chocolate Rough

We are so grateful for Kathy who has worked so hard on this recipe

Our customer Kathy wrote in to say, “I finally worked out my coconut rough chocolates recipe and wanted to share it with you and other members who might be interested!” Here it is:

1/2C icing sugar
1/2C full milk powder
2 heaped tsp Cocoa (or raw cacao)
1/2 – 1C melted coconut oil (I used Virgin Coconut Oil from the Coconut Oil Shop)
Shredded coconut (Optional, or any other raisins/nuts you like)

Mix the dry ingredients in a bowl. Add melted coconut oil a bit at a time, mixing until the mixture is wet and resembles wet concrete consistency (you might not need to add all the oil and can save it for something else).

The mix just has to be wet but not too runny (so like wet cement) then just pour it into your dish or old chocolate moulds and put in the fridge to set.

Kathy says, “Me and my kids love it like this, my husband just fell in love with it as he said it tastes like coconut rough, so from now on I’ll be adding shredded coconut to his to make proper coconut rough balls.

We hope you like it!