How long will Coconut Oil Keep

How long will Coconut Oil Keep?

Virgin Coconut Oil should keep in the bottle, 2 years from bottling. If you keep the oil clean, and with the lid on when not in use this will prevent mold from forming on the surface.
Someone has said an unused oil, with its lid still sealed lasted for 5 years. It may have been Dr Bruce Fife. As long as there is no moisture in the bottle, it ought to last indefinitely, if sealed, in a perfect world.
Sometimes a Coconut Oil which is not bottled well will grow a mold at the bottom of the jar. You can tell is has happened because there is a spreading orange colour to the oil. It can happened to the side of the bottle as well. We’ve seen it happen with at least three different bottlers in three completely different countries. It is a risk. But it is simply fixed by replacing the jar with a new one. (Throw away the jar and asked for a new one).
Sometimes there is a brown sediment on the bottom of the jar. This is not mold, but rather a particle of brown husk from the inside of the coconut has made its way through the line from grating the white coconut meat out, all the way to the bottling time. This will also make the oil slightly orange, but the orange won’t spread jar. It won’t do anyone any harm, and nearly every batch of Organic, Cold Pressed, Extra Virgin Coconut Oil* will have one bottle like that.
We’ve seen a little bit of sediment on the bottom of a jar in Zenian, napoBIO, White Gold, Ancient Wisdom and Chantal and that is not an exhaustive list. But we don’t want to talk about brands we don’t sell.
We hope this information was of value to you.