Coconut Milk: How Much Should You Drink?

How Much Coconut Milk Should You Drink?

The answer to your question is dependent on the strength of your brew. Start slowly.
That means the Coconut Oil content of your Coconut Milk may limit your intake.

The short answer to this question of how much you could drink is this:

  • thick Coconut Milk (20-22% Virgin Coconut Oil content) from 83 ml – 330ml (TetraPak size) per day
  • thin Coconut Milk (5%-7% Virgin Coconut Oil content) from 330ml – 1,320 ml (1.3 Litres) per day

If you want to know how many metric cups that is look here:
A metric cup is 238 grams or milligrams or 236 ml.

  • thick from 1/3rd of a cup – just over 1 and 1/3rd of a metric cup of Coconut Milk
  • thin from 1 and 1/3rd of a metric cup – just less than and 2/3rd of a metric cup of Coconut Milk

The specific gravity of Coconut Milk is 1.01 g/ml so it make little difference if you measure the Coconut Milk in grams or millilitres for small amounts. But the specific gravity of Virgin Coconut Oil is quite different to it’s millilitre measure.

Let’s look at that in more detail.

There is thick Coconut Milk and thin Coconut Milk. If you have thick Coconut Milk (20-22% Virgin Coconut Oil) the daily Coconut Oil intake guide listed in our page, “Eating“, would suggest you could drink between 5-20 cups of Coconut Milk per day. That is a lot! But it goes up from there!

But those amounts assume you ingest no other Virgin Coconut Oil down your throat for the day.

The amount of Virgin Coconut Oil found in your Coconut Milk (which is not Coconut Water) will determine how much of it your body can handle. That is because thickness varies. Thick at 20-22% fat and thin is 5-7% oil.

Using the guide lines outlined in our page “Eating“, it would appear you could drink between between 20 and 80 cups of thin Coconut Milk per day. Or as I already said, between  5 and 20 cups of thick Coconut Milk per day, if you took no other Coconut Oil.

Please note

If you would normally only handle a little bit of Virgin Coconut Oil per day without getting an overloaded feeling, you’d want to use a little bit of Coconut Milk, or add more water to it.

I came to these conclusions using these two pages.

My comments are a guide and not a prescription. Start slowly and work your way up with anything with Coconut Oil in it, which is what Coconut Milk has.

Start slowly

This article starts with the advice, “start slowly”. Why?

I had a woman on the phone one day. (This is story relayed in the “Which Coconut Oil” lessons on our site. This lady said she took 1 table spoon full of Virgin Coconut Oil early in the morning, and suffered greatly with it.

Immediately the thought came to me, “Stomach cramps”. Taking Virgin Coconut Oil with food would make the introduction of coconut oil in your daily routine a lot less painful and unpleasant.

Obviously drinking Coconut Milk is a whole lot easier on the system than plain Virgin Coconut Oil. But even I have been known to feel a little overwhelmed from time to time with my decent dose of Coconut Chips (Coconut Flakes) each morning.

Coconut Milk has from 5% – to 22% Virgin Coconut Oil in it. The best way to introduce more of it in your diet is to start off with a cupful a day, and drink it with a meal.

Once your body gets used to it, you take more of it. Anything up to 2-3 tablespoons of Virgin Coconut Oil, experts such as Dr Newport, Dr Fife and others recommend.

Just how much oil is 3 tablespoons a day?

If 15 grams of butter is one tablespoon, then 3 tablespoons of virgin coconut oil is 50 ml of oil. So the short answer to the question “Just how much oil is 3 tablespoons a day?” is 50 ml. You can assume the average person who is consuming coconut oil won’t be consuming a lot more than that. And you should never start off first up with that amount.

If you are using oil pulling as well, you may use more, or consume less, and oil pull the rest. Oil pulling doesn’t involve eating.

How to make Coconut Milk without lots of nasties…

You can make Coconut Milk from dry ground Coconut Meat…

After mixing back the two layers in the jar as above, put 1-4 tablespoons of Creamed Coconut to 1/2 cup of hot water according to your taste. Mix together well, and that’s all!


Creamed Coconut is the ground meat of a coconut. Naturally occurring solid Coconut Oil goes to the top. That is why “Coconut Butter” is not solid Coconut Oil!

After mixing back the two layers in the jar as above, put 1-4 tablespoons of Creamed Coconut to 1/2 cup of hot water according to your taste. Mix together well, and that’s all!

How to mix it together
Creamed coconut comes in two layers; the white oil layer at the top and the solid yellowish layer at the bottom.

You need to mix the layers back together before use.

We put the whole jar in a bowl of warm water until the content softens, and then put a handheld mixer inside the jar. You can also do the mixing with a knife or fork.

A story about mixing Creamed Coconut together
A cafe urgently needed Creamed Coconut for a catering job, to make raw icing for a wedding cake. I had the 500ml jars placed in hot water. Then when I got them I placed the jars in the sun, on the dashboard of the car, and turned the heater on. Every now and then they were shaken.

I don’t think I’d ever seen such free running Creamed Coconut in my life before that!
It was still a raw product, as it had not heated the substance inside the jar much at all.