Coconut Cream

What is the difference between Coconut Cream and Creamed Coconut?

First of all, creamed coconut and coconut cream are two completely different products. Coconut cream you get in a can has high water content, and will need to be refregerated and used straight away.

Creamed coconut we stock is solid and has no water content. Once opened, creamed coconut will at least go to the Best Before Date indicated (2 years from manufacture) and quite safely beyond, providing that it’s kept in light free condition, not subject to large temperature fluctuation.You can refrigerate for longer life, but then you will have a practical issue of digging it out of the jar rock solid.

Personally, we’ve used it 12+ months beyond the BBD without any issues. It is a very stable product.

We have creamed coconut available in 500 g glass jars, 4 L pails and 20 L pails:

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