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Coconut Water

Coconut Milk

Coconut Water in a Young Green Coconut Coconut Milk poured from a Mature Coconut
Coconut Water inside a Young Green Coconut Coconut Milk is Pressed from a Mature Nut
How much coconut oil should I consume each day?
The short answer is 1-4 tablespoons a day is what Dr Fife, Mr Newport and Dr Mercola seem to generally agree about. We rely on their general guidelines, and also state this. The amount of coconut oil your body can cope with is the amount you should be guided by. Listen to your body, and start with 1 teaspoon per day.Serving suggestions for beginners. 1 teaspoon in hot water or herbal tea, or Rooibos Tea, just as an example is a good way to start off. Work up from there.

Photo source:

A lazy man’s plant?
Coconut has been touted as a “lazy man’s crop.” According to an old legend, coconut is God’s gift to the lazy man. “He sleeps in the shade of the tree, is awakened when a nut falls, drinks the milk, and eat some of the meat. He then feeds the rest of the meat to the chickens and cattle, which produce eggs and milk and meat, respectively. The leaves provide thatch for the roof and walls of his coconut hut, and are also woven into hats, baskets and mats.” Source: Dr. Willie T. Ong – “Stay Younger, Live Longer”, accessed via, 28/11/2013

Needless to say, the diligent man gets Coconut Water, by climbing the trees, coconut sugar or syrup by tapping some blossoms and processing the nectar, dehydrates some meat and makes Coconut Butter (Creamed Coconut), grinds some of the meat to make coconut flour, and a whole lot of other things too. Like Toddy Vinegar, Coconut Water Vinegar, Coconut Aminos Sauce, and we are still dealing with the Coconut, without talking about Coconut Cream and Coconut Oil.

Camp Coconut Free Articles  Facebook Appearance: NZ EcoChick Facebook page
Coming soon…“What’s Tooth Pulling?” (It’ll make you smile) Looking for an article to share with someone outside the camp? Is Coconut Sugar Sustainable?


napoBIO® Virgin Coconut Oil comes from rural and remote Philippines. By buying massage oil, suntan oil, or fly repellant from us you are helping to spread money to a rural community not far from Tacloban.

White Gold 380 ml Jar Ancient Wisdom 1 Litre Glass Jars White Gold Extra Virgin Coconut Oil 3.25 L Coconut Oil Miracle book by Dr Bruce Fife
Ancient Wisdom Premium Coconut Oil 380 ml Jars White Gold Virgin Coconut Oil 1 Litre Ancient Wisdom Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil 3.25 L

Sea Breeze from Tonga 2L flexipack
Sea Breeze from Tonga 2L flexipack

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We’ve been posting some updates at our Camp Coconut Google+ page.

Ketone and Coconuts _ Steve and Mary Newport's story is very insightful
Steve and Mary Newport a story of Ketones and Coconuts

As an example of what is available at the Google+ Camp Coconut pages, there is a photo album of famous peoople who like Coconut Oil. Here is the complete link.

Here is an interesting article about monolaurin, which is a key component of the fatty acids in Coconut Oil.

MilkReliefSoap with Coconut Oil Looking for Milk Relief Soap™ in a retail store in New Zealand?

You can get goat milk soap in Canterbury at:

  • Oxford Stockfeeds – Depot Road
  • Emmas at Oxford – Main St
  • Addington Coffee Coop’s Shop – Lincoln Road
  • Lyttelton Picture Framers
  • Darfield’s Malvern Butchery – State Highway 73
  • The Hub Hornby – Homestead Health and Beauty (Pak n Save end near the escalator)
  • Bush Inn Centre – Homestead Health and Beauty (between Key Kiosk and Van Dams Cafe)

Buy our soap (with coconut oil) online overseas.

Australia buyers. You can buy it online (in US dollars) in Australia here. There may be an import duty to pay for very large orders.

U.K buyers. Please be aware that any Internet orders valued over £15 can incur a customs charge upon entry into the UK according to the UK law.

Worldwide delivery.

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Index Of Free Content

The Coconut Oil Miracle Click on the book image to shop for products for delivery to a New Zealand address. Free Recipes Archive Index Page Access to recipes: here are the rules.

  1. We find recipes for you, and publish them in the weekly stock updates emails.
  2. Recipes are normally archived here in this page, and you can access them for free, if you join this free membership area.
  3. We intend to make a more easily navigated version of this index in a paid for content area in the future.

Free “Which Oil?” Lessons Lesson 1 – What colour is it and what type is it – virgin or not?

Lesson 2 – Will my oil be liquid or solid?

Lesson 3 – How do I get started?

Lesson 4 – Is tasteless good?

Lesson 5 – Which oil for eating and drinking and which one for skin and hair?

Thanks for taking time to join this free membership area. We will be building on this, with a paid for membership area which will have a number of additional resources for those who wish to learn more.

Once in a while we’ll promote something

Do you know someone who uses soy milk because they can’t tolerate lactose very well? We’ve got some Reduce Lactose Milk Powder which can make up a Milk Alternative for $2.37 per litre. You can find it for sale for delivery in New Zealand at

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11 thoughts on “Free Content

  1. Hi, I just wanted your opinion on if you think its okay for me to mix Magnesium chloride (liquid) with coconut oil to massage onto my 9mth old babies skin?

    Also, I finally worked out my coconut rough chocolates recipe and wanted to share it with you and other members who might be interested! (I had previously emailed/messaged you about chocolate recipes for coconut oil). Here it is:

    1/2C icing sugar
    1/2C full milk powder
    2 heaped tsp Cocoa (or raw cacao)
    1/2 – 1C melted coconut oil (I use Induskera virgin coconut oil for your shop)
    Shredded coconut (Optional, or any other raisins/nuts you like)

    Mix the dry ingredients in a bowl. Add melted coconut oil a bit at a time, mixing until the mixture is wet and resembles wet concrete consistency (you might not need to add all the oil and can save it for something else). The mix just has to be wet but not too runny (so like wet cement) then just pour it into your dish or old chocolate moulds and put in the fridge to set. Me and my kids love it like this, my husband just fell in love with it as he said it tastes like coconut rough, so from now on I’ll be adding shredded coconut to his to make proper coconut rough balls!

    Anyway thanks so much for bringing these wonderful products to our country!!

  2. How do I get to the recipe archives, I can’t find a link anywhere on the members page. I am logged in. Thanks

    1. Sorry, just found it!

      1. Glad you found it 🙂

  3. Hi, I wanted to ask about the Milk Relief Soap. I read on the site that you use it for washing your hair, my hair is fine and I have to wash it everyday, will it be okay for that. Also because my hair has been coloured, I blow dry it and wash everyday I have to use conditioner, if I use the soap to wash my hair can you recommend a conditioner to use after please.
    Also thanks so much for my first order which I received Wednesday. I found the taste of the coconut water a bit different when I first tried it yesterday morning but this morning I was becoming more accustomed to it and wanting more. I also found my digestion better yesterday.
    Is it true that coconut oil is one of the best oils for high heat cooking ?

    cheers Kathy

    1. Hi Kathy, Yes, Milk Relief Soap™ is great for washing fine hair every day. By the way, when you start washing your hair with Milk Relief Soap™, your hair may feel a little oily for the first few times if you have been using commercial shampoo and conditioner for a long time. This is an indication that Milk Relief Soap™ is dissolving the buildup left by conventional shampoo and conditioner. Persevere a while and you will soon have soft, silky hair naturally without the help of synthetic agents.

      Instead of conditioner, we recommend vinegar rinse with a little virgin coconut oil. Here’s how:

      You have a shallow bowl ready in your shower, fill it with hot water, and put in maybe a tablespoon of vinegar (organic apple cider vinegar is best) and a tiny wee drop of oil (optional – virgin coconut oil is best). You then dip your hair in the bowl and swish it around a bit to make sure vinegar water has made contact with most of your hair. Once it’s done, pour the remaining vinegar water over the back of your head. Rinse under the shower and you are done. [Caution: Just put a tiny wee drop of oil in the bowl. Too much oil will make your hair oily!]

      It is true that coconut oil is the best oil for high heat cooking due to its amazing stability. We use it for almost all cooking and all breadmaking.

  4. Hey just wondering when the Ceres 5l cold pressed virgin coconut oil will be back in stock? Can’t wait to start buying bulk. If it isn’t going to be available what is the best substitute for this one?

    1. It will be available again next week. The best substitute is White Gold Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil 3.25 L here:

  5. I understand coconut oil has (in some cases) done wonders for patients with alzheimers. Will it also ‘do wonders’ for parkinson’s patients; and if so, which oil?

    1. Your question is outside of the scope of our ability to reply. BUT, if you buy and read Dr Fife or Dr Newport books they do have something to say. In short. There is not the same body of awareness and objective tests like there is for Alzheimers Disease.

      They both recommend Virgin Coconut Oil. We would recommend Ancient Wisdom.

      We hope that helps. Thanks for asking. It is a valid assumption to make, and it won’t do any harm to try.

  6. […] addition to the free courses and restricted access materials that day-campers enjoy, we realise that some of you will want more questions answered. So we’re going to set […]

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