Does the Coconut Oil Shop work on a Fairtrade basis?

We buy product from as close as we can to the worker with the rice bowl!

A potential customer commented that they like to buy from organisations that support a fair trading, that means paying people a proper price for a good product. We do too.

We dislike farm corporates that buy up small growers, or seed suppliers that license their seed or seedlings, and create dependency among the vulnerable less educated or poor. Yes we seek to do business on a fair trading basis.

We only deal with ethical product traders.

Our brands:

Ancient Wisdom, Sea Breeze from Tonga, napoBIO® and White Gold are all bought directly off the native born families from the Pacific Ocean or Sri Lanka, who own or are closely related to the oil extraction businesses, and who employ nationals. We always pay standard international market prices. We sometimes we know we are paying a lot more too!

Ancient Wisdom is a Women In Business Development Samoa participant.
White Gold is from Sri Lanka, a highly developed labour market, with militant unions. The price of Coconut products fluctuate according to the auction price, as do commodities around the world.

Zenian is paying international market prices to their suppliers – there is more than one supplier.
Ceres have their own Fairtrade certifications, policies and guidelines.

We stand with the growers, knowing we’re doing our bit to let their children have a future, just like ours.
Updated 25 June 2015