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You can share the fun and information from our page with your friends by letting them join the Facebook updates list for the www.Facebook.com/CoconutOilShop.  Just have following these instructions.

Send them to this link by doing one of the following.

  1. Post a suggestion on to their wall with this link.
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 Why should they bother signing up?

What’s in it for them?

The best of the page updates, delivered directly to their inbox on their computer or mobile device.

  • Articles from around the globe, on uses for coconut oil
  • Recipes from over 150 users, if they post them on our Facebook page
  • Alerts to interesting public discussions that sometimes appear on our Facebook page, or indeed on other pages, but with a coconut oil theme, such as one that started herehttps://www.facebook.com/groups/thyroidnz/

We’ll give them a country welcome, and treat them with respect

We won’t bombard your Facebook friends with spam or continuously provide them with links to buy this or that. The list is designed to entertain, and inform, and will be suitable for readers around the world!