English Pointer Dogs


Does your English Pointer have eczema or dermatitis?

Here is a question from a reader about English Pointers.

“My  30 kg English Pointer has dermatitis.”

Orthodox veterinary treatment has failed to help.
I’m trying coconut oil topically and dietary.
He enjoys to eat it, which is good news.
Do you have experience of optimum quantity?
Our answer was:
Another customer had great success with her English Pointer’s skin condition using virgin coconut oil. She used Ancient Wisdom Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil. Below is what she said:“Starting off with 1 teaspoon daily – too much to start can give the dog diarrhea. Then building up to 1 tablespoon within a month. At the same time, rubbing the coconut oil onto the skin – wherever it was red or inflamed. This helped clear the skin condition within about 5 days. He’s been on the coconut oil regime for the last 2 months and no more skin condition – so now it’s just feeding it to him, either via spoon (he laps it up!) or a tablespoon on his food at night.”

It might be well to point out that long grasses could irritate the skin, and a natural diet is always a good start!