White Gold Milk Relief Soap 160 ml Combo

100% Natural Skincare Bonus – Get Free Handmade Soap with Virgin Coconut Oil

Neil uses these two products to rid him of itchy skin.

Virgin Coconut Oil Bonus
Get a free handmade bar of soap for every 160 ml jar of White Gold of Raw Virgin Coconut Oil

We know exactly how bad “dry skin” feels

Our family all suffer from dry skin, and our customers tell us how they hate the drying feeling soap has given them. That “stripped of all it’s oil” feeling on their skin. The whole reason our family started using Virgin Coconut Oil is because of dry skin. We had heard that Virgin Coconut Oil could help with dry skin. It can, but it is not as easy as 1, 2, 3. Our son’s skin turned out to be stubbornly dry and quickly turned to a raw patch. This then spread, and so the 17 year drama began to unfold…

What do you get with this bonus offer?

  • White Gold 160 ml Raw Virgin Coconut Oil in 160 ml glass jar
  • Freehand made Goat Milk Soap (with Coconut Oil)

White Gold Raw Virgin Coconut Oil is the most coconut tasting and smelling Virgin Coconut Oil we’ve ever seen. But you won’t smell like a coconut all day when you rub it on your skin. The 160 ml jars is very convenient, and the oil melts at boy temperature, so it will be easy to apply.

The bonus free bar of soap is worth $7.50. We’re sharing a part of our lives with you. We created this soap because nothing else worked for our son. We didn’t finish tweaking the recipe until it worked for him. Incidentally it started to work better for others too, when it began to function best for his sensitive skin.

How do we use this combination of products?

Neil uses these two products to rid him of itchy skin in the shower.

Use these two products to clear up skin, and reduce itch.

Some people fear using soap and water because of their past experience. We say, just try it. We also know that water can strip the skin of oil. This means that every time you use water, you have a chance that the skin will become itchy afterwards.

That is why we made our soap with Virgin Coconut Oil.

White Gold Uses Listed

You can use your 160 ml jar of Cocout Oil on your skin, your hair, for massage. But also for internal uses as well.

White Gold | Unrefined, Organic, Raw Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

What makes this product unique is the “ridiculously real coconut” taste and smell. It is the most “deliciously classic coconut” taste and smell we’ve ever seen. This product is is produced from organic coconuts harvested in Sri Lanka in accordance with organic principles and certified to meet international regulations EU(EEC 2092/91) and U.S. (NOP/USDA).

To make White Gold Coconut Oil, ripe coconuts are dried at less than 40 degrees Celsius and then cold pressed. The oil is not heated above 32 degrees Celsius at bottling.

Milk Relief Soap™ | Natural Care for Eczema and Psoriasis

What makes this product unique is that it is made to one dry skin sufferer’s custom specifications. Do you have confidence in your soap or body wash? Do you feel happy using the same product you use for your baby or children?

Well, in 1996, we didn’t have confidence in the soap we used when our first child was suffering from severe eczema. There was just no way we could have used soap on him with the kind of soap we had available in New Zealand at the time. That was before the Internet era, and we had a hard time locating just a simple plain bar of soap with no synthetic additives, perfume or colorants!

Milk Relief Soap™ Checklist

  • Unscented (no fragrance or essential oils)
  • Handmade from scratch (not “Melt and Pour”)
  • Lathers and cleans well
  • Plain
  • Mild
  • Moisturizing
  • Fair trade
  • Totally sustainable
  • 100% natural soap (not synthetic detergent)
  • Non-irritating for eczema, psoriasis, rosacea or acne
  • Organic ingredients
  • No synthetic preservatives
  • No animal testing (cruelty free)
  • No tallow or lard
  • No whiteners or bleaches
  • No colorants
  • No alcohol
  • No hydrogenated oils
  • No sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS)
  • No parabens
  • No propylene glycol
  • No formaldehyde

Milk Relief Soap™ was designed especially for one family’s hypersensitive skin. We didn’t want an artificial solution, or a store bought detergent bar. We wanted natural care for our skin.

We’re giving you a chance to find out about it for yourself. Click on the “Add to Cart” button now.

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What others have thought about Milk Relief Soap™

I was ready to give up finding a natural soap

Natural care for eczema and psoriasis.

I got to the stage where I was determined to find a natural soap without chemicals for my son that wouldn’t break him out in eczema. I’ve tried soaps world famous for their gentleness on the skin. Famous olive oil, castile, and goat milk soaps. Every one of them caused me to itch with a rash from head to toe.

Everything broke me out on the skin

While waiting for my order to arrive I purchased another goats milk soap in the States which came in 3 days. Although it had very pure ingredients (olive oil and goat milk) it caused little circular eczema patches on my skin, and my left arm. My biggest frustration in my search for a natural soap was that everything broke me out on the skin.

I am very impressed with how it doesn’t irritate mine, or my sons skin.

Milk Relief Soap™ is great! Your soap is so gentle I can use it on my face, and as shampoo on my son. It was the first time he didn’t scream that soap was in his eyes. With every other shampoo or soap (even after its been rinsed ) it still gets in his eyes when the water streams down his face even though I thought I had rinsed him clean? It’s a constant battle washing his hair, and look forward to tearless shampooing.

Sarah B.
Mclean, VA, USA

I have worked in the perfumery industry and I know what ingredients go into regular soap.

At first the price of the soap seemed expensive. But this is what I found as a result of using Milk Relief Soap™. My skin felt much softer.

I first used the soap only on my face and my skin felt softer. I then decided to try it on my body, too. My skin feels so much better. It is softer and smoother.

If I had to choose one or two features I like most about Milk Relief Soap™, they would be natural ingredients and no bad smell. Why? I have worked in the perfumery industry and I know what ingredients go into regular soap. There are way too many things that I really don’t need on my skin. Yes, I know lather is good…but at a price to your skin.

I was looking for a soap without perfume and no bad smell. There are many natural soaps out there but most have perfume.

What I like best about this soap is that it has olive oil, no fragrance, no colour and still smells good and it does lather.

In addition to those things, what I also like about this soap is:

– All natural ingredients
– The packaging is simple and nice

I would recommend Milk Relief Soap™and this is why:

I would recommend this soap to people who are concerned with what goes on their body. And those who would like a natural soap that doesn’t smell or rose, lavender or some citrus fragrance. This is a soap that makes your skin feel clean without the drying effect or the extra moisturising feeling of regular soaps. Your skin feels just right.

RenukaRenuka Menon, Auckland, New Zealand

It must be so natural he sees it as food rather than a soap!

“We have been using your palm oil free soap for a couple of months now and absolutely love it! Problem is we are not the only ones. Our beagle Jimmy loves it as well…. to eat!! It must be so natural he sees it as food rather than a soap! At least his breath smells clean hehehe

Thank you for creating such an amazing product for the whole family xxx”

The Tabor family, Pokeno, Waikato, New Zealand

Jimmy the BeagleJimmy the Beagle who loves Milk Relief Soap™

What others have thought about Coconut Oil Shop and our products

We all use the oil for different things but everyone is always so pleased with it!

I am pregnant and I have gone through a whole jar since January! I’m finding it works really well for my skin and is the only thing I moisturize my body with. I am also recommending my favorite coconut oil to everyone who asks what I use. We all use the oil for different things but everyone is always so pleased with it!

Thank you again.

Kacey Cummane, Avondale

Kacey Cummane, Avondale, Auckland

Take a look at what one of our customers has to say about our customer service!

The Coconut Oil Shop was more expensive

When I first started buying coconut oil, I tried a few different online suppliers looking for the best price and the best delivery time.I was buying from another provider, but when an order took 9 days, and 3 follow up emails to get to me, I gave the Coconut Oil Shop online another try. My order arrived the very next day*! Wow! That’s what I call service!

Since then, and many orders later, I have discovered their customer service is nothing short of outstanding! Friendly, prompt, and orders are sent when they say they are sent! I feel like they bend over backwards to ensure I get the best in service, quality and supply. I can recommend them wholeheartedly!!

Thank you so much!

Elizabeth Johnsen knows good service when she gets it! CoconutOilShop.co.nzElizabeth Johnsen, Christchurch

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You’ll pay nothing extra in any rural setting. You’ll pay nothing extra in Stewart Island or even the Chatham Islands! (Yes they do consume our oil over there. It’s not a very tropical place).

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