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This page is changing

This page used to have special prices for email list members. As of August 2017, we have upgraded this website, Coconut Oil Shop, and more changes are afoot.

You can access your $5 discount at  Moving forward, we will revitalise this site, and it’s member area with some new software.

How will this improve your experience?

In a nut shell, (to borrow a pun), we are simplifying the website. We are returning to normal.

In December 2014, we launched, with hope for various plans under our belt. We then slowly decreased shopping at, and directed you all to

How much simpler will it be? (There are 400+ pages in this website!) We are not slashing and burning pages, leaving broken links all over. Well, not on purpose anyway.

Will and won’t: here are the plans

  • we will return shopping to as well as
  • we will not remove your “shopping cart” history immediately, if we can help it
  • we will activate a “My Account” option for those who shop at this site
  • we will let you log into Camp Coconut, using your existing login.
  • we will force you to create a new “My Account” login, if you choose to create an account on
  • you will be able to have “Camp Coconut” and “My Account”
  • we will make sure that logging into “My Account” logs you into “Camp Coconut”
  • we will not stop you buying, with or without “ My Account” at

When will these improvements start?

The site is already upgraded. We hope the substantial changes will take effect this month, and minor changes will be made in the coming months.

Are you wondering if you should have a fermented or unfermented oil? Click here to end the confusion.

This page is our first step in laying the foundations for a coconut oil users community. If you login to Camp Coconut, you can find a link to this page on the lower menu bar (starts with “My Dashboard”). You don’t need to login to get to these prices. You just have to know where to find this page.

Welcome! Coconut Oil Basics A Consumer Guide by Camp Coconut

It’s Neil wring, I thought I’d pop into this page to say make sure you grab our free new report “Coconut Oil Basics: a consumer guide for those new to Virgin Coconut Oil”. You can download our free report here by clicking on the picture of coconut trees above.

Data from here down may or may not be up to date.


This page has some featured products next, then after that are the some email-only shopping aisles. Immediately below is a short series of links to help you choose your packaging size.

Once you reach the aisle you wish to browse, choose the offer, and proceed to pay for it in the normal way.

New email only offerings!


Above is a video about how I use this particular combination of products. Of course, you could use Ancient Wisdom, but this combo is for White Gold.

The benefits of Coconut Sugar include:

Low GI – Healthier naturally caramel tasting sweetener for everyone

Coconut sugar is especially high in:
Iron and is a
natural source of the vitamins B1, B2, B3, B6 and C.

Cold Pressed Oil Aisle – if you’re a small user, or new to coconut oil try this aisle

Virgin coconut oil which has not been fermented to extract the oil from the nut Choose your product from here or click on the product photos for more detailed information.

A product will be added here soon!

Book Aisle – if you’re looking for some information on coconut oil or coconut flour try this aisle

Books help us get more enjoyment out of virgin coconut oil, and coconut flour, etc Choose a book from here.

The “Learn” Membership Area

The email-only prices area was the first step toward making a coconut oil community. Now we’re ready for the next step.
We’ve been inundated with Facebook page members from overseas. We also frequently get requests for sending our coconut oil overseas as well. So we got to thinking it’s time we made something that everyone can enjoy!

The “Learn” coconut oil learning centre is that something.

Learn how to use the benefits of the coconut, and explain them to others

Master the Coconut! Discover is many uses, and easily explain them to friends and family.

It is easy to confuse the various products we can extract from a coconut tree. The coconut tree has so many uses it is also easy to overlook some of them.

In fact, there is so much we can learn, and so much conflicting information out there, it is little wonder we have “Coconut Oil Experts”, magazine articles, product descriptions and story books using conflicting terms to describe the same thing!

But the biggest example of how misunderstood the coconut oil is can be found in a background story about the Boxing Day Tsunami, 2004. Click on the red button below to find out some more about a story behind the 2004 Tsunami, and how a little bit of ignorance failed to achieve all that could have been done on the days that followed , 26th December 2004.

After you’ve read that, you may be interested in our FREE membership. So take the hint, and click on the red button below.

Click Button for more information

For an example of what is there, take a look at this page, once you’ve joined the free membership area.

16 thoughts on “Email only offers (email list member privileges)

  1. Hi Guys, Just a quick note to say what a great service you run, tried the chantal 700ml glass, and loved it, so ordered just the other day a 4l pale, shame I did’nt wait to get the discount you now have going for that one ! but oh well.
    Keep up the good info with the emails too, I always look forward to new info on coconut oil stuff.

    Kind Regards

    Jamie Marett

    1. Hi Jamie, Thanks for your nice feedback. Sorry you missed out on the discounted price. Remind us next time you order and we’ll include some freebies in your package!

  2. Hi there
    Realised, like Jamie, that because on Sunday I ordered for my folks from my bookmarked page they have missed out on the discount too. When I re-order for them it would be lovely if you could send them some freebies too. It was our first order and they were very pleased with the prompt delivery. Can you advise how long this discount might run for?
    kind regards

    1. Hi Diane, Thanks for letting us know. Sorry you missed out on the discounted price too. Email us next time you order and we’ll include some freebies in your package too.

      You also wanted to know how long the email only offers (Member privileges) will last for. The short answer is that there will always be that aisle, or it’s replacement. The stock which is currently there will be available as long as stock lasts.

      We’re also introducing a new coconut oil which we believe will be equal to Chantal in many respects. It will also be available in the discounted area. But that is quite a few weeks away.

  3. Hello

    Last weekend I tried to order the Chantal jars of oil.. I put in 3 which equals 2.1 litres which you say is $75.50 however when I went to PayPal the cost was $155 so I didnt order.
    Can you please explain this as I do want to order this amount at this price.

    Thank you


    1. Hi Janet, Sorry it’s confusing. Please find the instructions below:

      1. On the right hand side of the blue button which says “+ Add to Cart,” you will see the words “Select Quantity.”

      2. The default setting in the “Select Quantity” field will say “700 ml [+ add $0.00].” You will see a down arrow right next to [+ add $0.00].

      3. Please use that down arrow and select “2.1 litres[+ add $46.00].”

      4. Now click on the blue “Add to Cart” button on the left hand side of it.

      5. You will be taken to the Checkout page, and the item name should show “Chantal 700 ml Glass Jar (email only) (2.1 litres),” the item quantity should show “1” and the price should show “$75.70.”

      Hope it helps. If not, we can call you and walk you through it over the phone. 🙂

  4. I am intending to purchase the dry skin combo and the baking starter kit, but have recently purchased a pail of coconut oil from you. Is it possible to subsitute the chantal oil in the starter kit for the coconut flour recipe book. Thanks

    1. Hi Barbara, Sure. We can substitute the book for the oil no problem. 🙂

  5. Hello

    Last week i ordered 3 of the 700ml Chantal coconut oil. I only received 2 jars. They were put into 2 packets and the one that had 2/2 written on by hand arrived.
    The parcel I got had the wrong number for Lower Hutt on it. It had the wellington post number

    Please follow this up urgently

    Thank you
    Janet Brady

    1. Hi Janet, We emailed you but it was returned to us, and the error message says your mailbox is full. So here’s the summary of our reply:

      We are sorry to hear you didn’t get 1 of the jars. So you got the box only? We sent one of them in a FastPost bag so that you could get it the next day (on Tuesday the 4th), but obviously the package is lost. We will dispatch another jar to you on Monday, so you should get it on Tuesday.

      We used the address exactly as you supplied it. Please check the postcode you supplied to us on the PayPal receipt that was emailed to you when you made the order, and let us know the right postcode if it’s wrong. We’ll check it before sending the jar on Monday if we don’t hear from you.

  6. Hi guys
    Which is the best oil to use for dry skin without “smelling like a coconut” !??

    1. For dry skin, we recommend the Ancient Wisdom brand. It is fermented so it will have a slightly fermented smell, but virgin coconut oil absorbs the smell of skin upon application so the smell doesn’t seem to be a problem once it’s put on the skin.

      The key is to put on a very small amount often, as the oil is absorbed into skin fast.

  7. Hi. I really like the taste of the Ancient Wisdom Fermented coconut oil, though was after something with a ‘stronger’, more prominent coconut taste. Which oil would you recommend for this?

    1. Sorry, meant ‘Ancient Wisdom’ unfermented coconut oil, not Chantel.

      1. You like Ancient Wisdom and want a stronger Coconut Taste. White Gold is for you.

        I hope that helps.

  8. will the flour and suger combo be available again,

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