Dr Mary Newport

Alzheimer’s Disease | What if there was a food to slow the onset of the disease?

This was the question Dr Newport began asking when she discovered a reversal in some of her husband’s advanced Alzheimer’s Disease symptoms in 2005.

Dr Newport’s husband Steve started to show symptoms of Alzheimer’s Disease in his early 50s. By 2005 things were at a crisis point, and she began to look for answers. The first clues of a natural assistant was discovered in their oatmeal (porridge).

Steve and Mary’s story been recorded in her article entitled “What if there was a cure for Alzheimer’s Disease…and nobody knew?”

This lead to many opportunities to speak in the media, and in conferences. Finally in 2011, Dr Newport wrote the book, “Alzheimer’s Disease What is there was a cure?” This is now in it’s second edition, and updated, and expanded.

We are committed to supporting those who wish to explore this possibility in the following ways. We:

  • provide coconut oil for sale, of the highest quality (pure, non hydrogenated and fresh)
  • provide books for sale on the topic

We don’t provide medical advice

We don’t provide medical advice, but we do provide published books written by experts such as Dr Mary Newport and Dr Bruce Fife. Both these medical professionals have written books on Alzheimer’s Disease and the impact of pure non hydrogenated Coconut Oil on the development of this disease.

Which Oil?

Which oil would be suitable to take for potentially providing increased levels of Ketones to the brains (according to the research of Dr Newport)? The short answer is any oil in our shop. So the next question is what would suit the tastes of those who are taking it every day:

  • by the spoonful
  • in a drink
  • in a smoothie
  • on bread or toast
  • in baking (if you can possibly have time for such things, and look after someone with Alzheimer’s Disease)

We think the answer is that such an oil or combination of coconut oils would need the following qualities:

  • pure (not refined)
  • non hydrogenated
  • all natural (no chemicals)
  • pleasant taste
  • comes in a variety of sizes  (bulk purchasing power)

All of our oil products except one has these qualities. One only comes in 5 litre pails.

What we normally recommend

Most people contacting us about what coconut oil to use for brain care, and the likes of Alzheimer’s Disease are new to coconut oil. For that reason we’ve been recommending White Gold Wholefood Revitalising Oil products.

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