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Creamed Coconut Range Aisle – if you’ll use a lot of  coconut cream, this is your aisle

Creamed Coconut Range – Coconut Flesh Dehydrated and Ground – Delivered in NZ

Yes, we do have Creamed Coconut. You can add back water and make coconut cream or milk as a substitute for tinned coconut cream or milk.

500g jars, 4kg and 20kg pails

Creamed Coconut


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Rich Gold Creamed Coconut comes in 500 g glass jars. As there is no moisture, the texture is solid below 26 degrees C. You can add back water and make coconut cream or milk as a substitute for tinned coconut cream or milk.

Mix together:

  • 1/2 cup hot water
  • 1-4 tablespoons Creamed Coconut, according to your taste
  • Strain with a Milk Strainer from
Creamed Coconut is the ground meat of a coconut. Naturally occurring solid Coconut Oil goes to the top. That is why “Coconut Butter” is not solid Coconut Oil!

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Creamed Coconut is also called Coconut Butter elsewhere

Coconut Butter / Creamed Coconut is solid or thick at room temperature.

Looking at the name only, it would be possible to get confused with liquid Coconut Cream. Some people also think that solid Coconut Oil is called Coconut Butter. But again, in the Coconut Oil world, Coconut Butter is this product you see above.


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The confusion about what to name this Coconut wholefood comes from the fact that there is is no a set name for it, so it’s been called different names by different brands. Creamed coconut is very confusing because people mix it up with coconut cream, but if you are looking for coconut butter, this is what it is.

Sometimes people call solid coconut oil Coconut Butter. All Virgin Coconut Oil becomes solid. So there is more confusion there too. We’ll make a “Coconut Butter” page for people like that.

Coconut Butter is a great peanut butter alternative

To make the best of Coconut Butter as a bread or toast spread, add good salt or sugar to taste. Organic. No additives whatsoever.

This is 100% pure coconut meat made from unsweetened dehydrated meat of a freshly-harvested mature coconut ground to a semi-solid white creamy paste. As it’s in a concentrated form, you can make coconut cream or coconut milk by adding back hot water. As it has a hint of sweetness, it’s delicious eaten straight.

The texture is almost like chocolate without the obvious sweet taste. We love to scrape some with a fork and mix it in yoghurt. It’s a real treat and we almost fight over it. Also great in desserts, curry, soups and sauces.

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Here is the instructions for the lid on the 4L pails

7 thoughts on “Creamed Coconut

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  3. Could you please tell me if the creamed coconut is raw? I am wondering if the dessication of the coconut meat involves heat?

    1. The desiccated coconut is dried over an extended period under 60 deg C to make it easier to pulverise into pulp for the butter texture in creamed coconut.

  4. Hi there.
    I am considering making my own coconut yoghurt.
    Would i be correct in thinking that the most economical way to do this would be to create coconut cream from your creamed coconut (butter), as per your instructions and then ferment this with coconut kefir?
    Also, could you tell me what the likely shelf life would be of a jar of creamed coconut.

    1. Yes, it is the most economical way to do it. We have emailed you about the shelf life : )

  5. Hello, we used to use ‘creamed coconut’ that was in a solid block in the UK. We could grate it into curries etc.
    Do you have an equivalent? Thanks

    Hello Katie,

    I know what you are talking about. You know what? The UK is a big market. Ours is a small one.

    That’s why our solid Creamed Coconut is in jars and pails, and you can make the equivalent by heating enough to stir, stirring, and freezing or placing, sealed inside plastic or beeswax wrap, those blocks you make.

    I hope that is helpful.

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