Coupons: Instructions for your most important discount!

Time needed: 1 minute.

How apply your coupon, and make sure it is applied.

  1. Add to cart.

    Add 1 or more products to your shopping cart Using the blue button. At the time of writing the minimum order for a discount is $50. This discount only works when your cart total reaches $50 including GST. You can see an image of that below.Coupons

  2. View cart

    Next, to “view cart” on the Cart page, click on the green box at the right-hand end of the green bar. Do this after you have finished choosing the items you would like to order. You will then be viewing the Cart page. You can see an image of that below.Coupons: click on the green bar at the right hand end

  3. You are now on the Cart page

    You are not yet ready to proceed to the checkout page. DO NOT GO TO CHECKOUT PAGE YET. You can see an image of that below. You can also see in this screenshot that “Ancient Wisdom 1 Litre Glass Jar” was taken out of the cart. Any items taken out will be listed in the green bar. Coupons: View items in the cart page

  4. Locate the coupon code box

    In the image above you can see the light coloured box with the words “Coupon Code”. You write over those words the code for your coupon. They will appear in black in the box until you click on the “Apply Coupon” box next to it. In the image below, you will see it appears in black letters within the box. Just click on the words “Apply coupon” afterwards.How to apply coupons

  5. Check for the coupon effect on the price

    After applying the coupon check on the right-hand side to make sure it has provided the expected discount. In this image below it is obvious that the coupon code “Example” does not provide any discount at all. So don’t try it. Use a valid coupon. How to apply coupons


Now we know how to apply a coupon, and check it is effective, you can make other changes while in the Cart page, such as adjust the number of items in the cart, proceed to checkout.

We wish you all the best with your shopping experience on our site. If you need some help, feel free to contact us.