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You have successfully subscribed to our *information updates* emails list. Facebook was designed to deliver content to your desk top, lap, or the palm of your hand. But the problem is, the information can become a little bit like a garden hose. The water coming out of the garden hose it great, but you can’t stand there looking at it flowing all day!

So it is with Facebook information.

We know with life’s hectic pace, you’ve got other things to do, and you might miss out on a great hair care tip, or a wonderful recipe, and so we’ll collect them up here and deliver them to you on a regular basis.

Look out for:

The emails we’ll send are largely links from

  • our Facebook postings (eg, the link that was posted on the Facebook)
  • our website updates postings (which may find their way to Facebook too, at some stage)
We’ll also have:
  • our own family’s recipes – in brief format
  • indications of new products coming out, but not the actual stock update, which has a list of it own
  • news items of interest about coconut production, eg the CIIF OMG farmer cooperative replanting efforts in the Philippines
  • surveys results from of readers
We’re really looking forward to providing you with:
  • new courses we’ll be running to help you make the best use of your precious oil
  • FREE DOWNLOADABLE reports etc (in the future)
So that is what you can expect to see. But now let me tell you what you won’t see in these emails.
You won’t see these things:
  • no email specific “Like” button
  • no Facebook specific dialogue and interaction
  • no advertising stuffed down your face and multiple links to our products

We hope to send out these emails at least once a month, perhaps twice, we’ll see how we go.
At the time of writing this particular list has 1 subscriber, but the stock updates list has 157 people on the list, and the Facebook has 160 people who like our page. So we expect there will be plenty of new people joining this list soon.

With your subscription you will *not* receive email-only offers

Your  regular email updates will *not* include special offers. But we will promote courses, and ebooks etc. We have a stock updates list which is all about our stock, and offers specials and combos each email. So this list is very different to that one.

In summary

Before we finish off this note, let’s recap why you’re here. You signed up to this page from the left hand panel of the facebook page, Well let’s put it this way, it was the left hand panel when I looked last, who really knows where they’ve put it now.

The page you’re on now is the Coconut Oil Shop website, which is associated with the site. By now we will have started to send you an automated email letting you know what’s happening next.

So welcome to the Coconut Oil Shop information updates list. We hope you enjoy being kept up to date with both Facebook and website updates.

You’re onto something special with this list, so feel free to tell a friend about it.

Just before we go, let me explain how to tell a friend about this list. To tell a friend, just find the Facebook button below and click on that. Once they are on our Facebook page, they can see the link from there.

Thanks for joining the list!

Bye for now from

The Coconut Oil Shop Team

P.S. Leave a message below, to let us know what you think of the updates, won’t you? 

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