Combo Aisle

Combo Aisle – simplifies the coconut oil product types and information choices

Sometimes your eyes boggle at the choices we give you. Soon after that a glaze comes over your eyes, and then you wonder where to start. No one likes the “eyes glazed over” feeling when they have to choose a solution. So we’ve packaged up some of our products into combos.

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boxed oval bar of Milk Relief Soap™ (70 g) and a small jar of Green Gear Balm (30 ml).

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Combos help you sort through what is available.

The biggest reason why people choose a combo is convenience. They also come with built-in discounts so that is a bonus!

The biggest reason most health shops don’t sell a range of coconut oil products together in a combo is because it may prevent you from coming back as frequently to their store. Most retail outlets rely on foot traffic. A shop full of foot traffic looks more successful, and attracts more new customers.

We’re different. We like to offer you an incentive for buying a few more things, by making them into a combo. It saves us on time packing boxes!

An email from a satisfied customer

“Thank you so much for […] Yet another example of your fabulous service, to go along with your fabulous products. You set the standard for service excellence. You guys are awesome!”
Kathy Murray, Temuka