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(Email-only) Zenian Creamed Coconut (Coconut Butter)
Creamed Coconut is also known as Coconut Butter. A great peanut butter alternative. You can add good salt or sugar to taste. Organic. No additives whatsoever.

Creamed Coconut is 100% pure coconut meat made from unsweetened dehydrated meat of a freshly-harvested mature coconut ground to a semi-solid white creamy paste. As it’s in a concentrated form, you can make coconut cream or coconut milk by adding back hot water. As it has a hint of sweetness, it’s delicious eaten straight.

What is texture and taste like?
The texture is almost like chocolate without the obvious sweet taste. We love to scrape some with a fork and mix it in yoghurt. It’s a real treat and we almost fight over it. Also great in desserts, curry, soups and sauces.

Beware! The Coconut Cream comes separated, as it separated as it should when it was bottled in the Philippines at temperatures above 24 degrees Celsius. The naturally occuring Virgin Coconut Oil portion is solid, and pure white when it is below 24 degrees Celsius. The liquid part is a creamy khaki colour. The smell is an authentic Coconut smell.

Select from the Quantity Option below.

1 jar (500 ml): $18.70
2 jars (1 litre): $35.40
4 jars (2 litres): $62.80
6 jars (3 litres): $88.90

Only available in multiples of 500 ml glass jars. It’s a handy size jar to dip in warm water to soften before use. (We don’t recommend microwaving.) Select a multiple jar option below for better value.

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