Coconut Water Questions

What is Coconut Water?

Young Green Coconuts Supply Coconut Water
Young Green Coconuts Supply Coconut Water

Coconut Water is a dynamic natural product that rehydrates your body with minerals, and lets your body waste those minerals and trace elements it doesn’t need. It is found in young green coconuts, before they produce the white meat we use to extract, virgin oil, cream, milk, and grated or milled coconut products like creamed coconut, or coconut flour. We use Coconut Water a lot at home.

Q Is it true that Coconut Water can be used to replace blood?

A It is true that when a person loses a lot of fluid from their body, they need to replace blood plasma to keep their blood pressure high enough. Inserting a clean medical drip needle into a young green coconut, with another needle to allow adequate airflow can provide a base for a blood plasma replacement, even on a beach. For more information, read the Dr Bruce Fife book, Coconut Water.

Q What are your thought regarding freeze dried coconut water?

A We don’t have many thoughts on it yet. We don’t currently stock it because the C Coconut Water is relatively new to us, and it tastes amazing.

Coconut Water is a whole food with unique benefits. You can even use it to rehydrate a dieing person. So the thought of freeze drying it seems to us to degrade of it it’s life giving benefits. But we don’t really know for sure.

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