Underarm Deodorant

Sometimes rub-on or spray-on deodorants cause a skin reaction

Skin reactions to underarm deodorant, or spray on deodorant may come from the various chemicals, extracts and compounds the producers of these products put in their deodorants. Very few deodorants are made with wholefoods. Part of the problem is finding a wholefood that actually takes smell away from the body, over several hours, and easily sinks into the skin.

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I put coconut oil under my arms, and other places, daily.

Trusting Virgin Coconut Oil to take care of your body odour is a brave move for some people.

I mean, who wants to think they smell like a coconut? In our experience, the type of Coconut Oil you use makes a big difference to what you will smell like.

This is what we’d recommend:

  • put Virgin Coconut Oil into a small glass container and take it with you in the shower, letting warm water run on it, if it is still solid
  • pour the liquid oil onto your fingers, hand cup shape so the oil doesn’t run out. The oil is viscous
  • Apply the oil with your fingers or rub onto your hands to apply to the places that sweat

We trust this information will be helpful to our Coconut Tips members.

You are what your skin eats

Your skin is your biggest organ so if you are putting chemicals on your skin, your skin will be absorbing them. You could say that what your skin “eats” what you eat. Imagine if you were served up the ingredients of the average roll-on deodorant for breakfast each morning. The good news is that you don’t have to. You can use your wholefood revitalising oil. Yes, your simple food grade Virgin Coconut Oil instead. (And yes you can eat that too).

Why did I write this article?

I wrote it in response to this question. “Do you have any suggestions re a natural under arm deodorant. Off an on I get a terrible itchy red rash under my arms which takes weeks to clear up.” Of course we responded to the person who asked the question. But this is an expanded response. It takes a long time to learn these things, and a long time to write about them. So I believe it is appropriate that we hide the article from the public, and only share it with those who are paid up members of Camp Coconut.