Suet or Shreddo and Virgin Coconut Oil

Can Virgin Coconut Oil be used in replacement of Suet Shredded Kidney Fat in cooking?

A reader emailed us and said, “I have been trying to buy Shreddo (suet) to make the annual Christmas pudding cooked the old fashioned way by wrapping in a cloth and boiling. Shreddo does not seem to be available any more, do you think coconut oil would work instead?

I believe the Shreddo is grated suet mixed with rice flour to give it the right consistency. I love coconut oil but not sure if it would work here. Any suggestions would be very welcome.”

Here is our answer

Well, I looked up the topic in and found that you can probably get Shreddo from a UK products shop, (probably from a SA food shop too), and you can probably order it from a country butcher, because they do their own processing of kidney fat as part of their job.

You could coconut oil. I wouldn’t know if it worked or not. Sorry.

You could also try putting it with Coconut Flour, which absorbs moisture well. You wouldn’t want to have too much moisture from Coconut Oil.

It would certainly be good for the pudding, but you’d want to try it first to make sure you don’t have a stressful Christmas Day!

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Perhaps the reader was wanting to make “Spotted Dick” (no plums)

Here are some recipes to let you know what you’d use animal kidney fat for!